The Beginners Guide to Building a Resume


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A resume is the first thing you’ll need to create in your step toward a better future. Nearly all jobs require that you have a resume, and most hope that you have a cover letter too.

Building a resume isn’t all too difficult, but it does require a lot of attention to detail. We’ll cover what a resume is and how to make one in this article. If you’ve been putting off writing yours, we hope that this article makes it a little less intimidating so you can get started.

Building a Resume

A resume is pretty much a snapshot of your professional self. It’s a snapshot that sits with a lot of other snapshots of other people who want the job too.

For that reason, it’s essential that you make your resume stand out from the crowd. Even if you don’t have the best qualifications or work experience, there are ways that you can stand out through the crafting of your resume alone.
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What to Add to Your Resume

A resume should consist of four essential parts.

First, put your full name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of the page. Your name should be in the largest font with the other information being listed in a smaller font below it.

Next, you’ll want to add a brief, two or three sentence introduction to yourself. This should just state generally why you’re excited for the job, who you are professionally, and whatever else you feel is necessary. Don’t say too much here, though, because you should be able to get in depth in your cover letter.

The third element to add is a description of your work experiences. You’ll only want to list relevant work experiences if you have a lot of experience. If you don’t have much experience, just put what you can.

That said, if you have had a million jobs, only list ones that are directly related to the job you’re applying for. Under each job that you list, add one or two bullet points that describe your duties. Further, add the start and end dates that punctuated your time working at the place.

Finally, you’ll want to add a list of the relevant skills that you have. These should be limited to skills that will contribute to your ability to do the job. In the same way as the job experiences, add a sentence or two about each skill.

Again, it’s important not to list skills that show your vices. So, things like “keg party king, great party guest” do not count.

A Few Housekeeping Items

The elements above should all be included, but keep a few things in mind:

First, make sure that fonts, sizes, and spelling are all consistent. That means that if one bullet is a font size 14, the one below it should be too. Further, make sure that everything is spelled correctly and grammatically correct.

Organize the paper in a way that looks to you to flow well and try to contain everything to one page. If you can’t hold everything to one page, two pages are fine. Do your best to be concise, though.

Getting Your Life Back on Track?

Building a resume for the first time is often a sign that you’re getting your life back on track. Sometimes we need a little help in managing things and getting help for the things we don’t yet understand.

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