5 Super Easy Gift Ideas For The Bride & Groom’s Parents!


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The Mom’s and Dad’s of the bride and groom are more than likely going to be the unsung heroes of the wedding. Working tirelessly behind the scenes to help organize things for months, jumping in at the last minute when things go wrong to problem solve or give a hug, parents can often be the reason many weddings look like they’ve gone off without a hitch!

Unfortunately, we sometimes take parents for granted, so weddings are the perfect time to get them a gift – a gesture that reminds them their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

Just Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to put a smile on your mother or mother-in-law’s faces is to buy them jewelry. It does not need to be extravagant – no mother would expect their son or daughter to go into debt to buy them jewelry!
Some examples could be a locket with pictures, or a heart with a necklace – something she can wear on a casual, day-to-day basis that won’t cost the earth but speaks volumes.

Personalized Cuff links

Don’t think for a second your Mom and mother-in-law are the only parents you can buy jewelry for! The father of the bride and father of the groom can also be given memorable gifts they will no doubt cherish forever.
Engraved and personalized cuff links are a perfect jewelry item to gift the Dad’s of the family, and they might even choose to wear them on the wedding day!

Time, Time, Time

They say the best things in life are free, and in most cases, the one thing that parents want more than anything is to spend more time with their children. Weddings are an incredibly busy, stressful time and a way to do this is to double-up wedding tasks with spending time with parents.

If your mother or future mother-in-law needs to go shopping for dresses, why not go with one or both of them! If you spend time looking for mother of the bride dresses with your Mom, and mother of the groom dresses with your mother-in-law, you can incorporate some spa time into the day to get to know each other better.

Custom-Made Robes

Although the day of the wedding can be a little hectic, it’s also a time spent with your closest family and friends. Everyone can be made to feel just that bit more special with personalized, custom-embroidered robes with either their name or role in the wedding party.

If you want to include the male members of the wedding party – especially the father of the bride and soon-to-be father-in-law, another option is to use terry toweled robes instead of satin ones.

A Mini-Break

Your parents have no doubt worked very hard to ensure the wedding went off without a hitch so it might be time for them to take a breather too! If you were planning on having your parents water your plants while you were on your honeymoon, get a friend to do it – Mom and Dad deserve a break!

Gift them with an all-inclusive, relaxing weekend away together to help them unwind from the inevitable wedding whirlwind!


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