5 ideas for St. Valentine’s Day


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It’s that time of the year when lovers can celebrate their relationships by doing something nice to show some appreciation for each other. You may appreciate this holiday as an extra opportunity to give your partner something nice, or you may think this holiday is just another silly day; it is up to you. But if you want the rest of the year to go well for you in your relationship, you better not forget to show your wife or girlfriend what she means to you on this day.

It’s really not about how you feel about St. Valentine’s Day, it’s about how your girlfriend feels. So, even if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff, it’s time to check an online website or two for some cool ideas of how you can make this day one that you and your girlfriend will remember.

Here are five ideas you could use to sweep your significant other off their feet this St Valentine’s day.

Show off at work

The best idea is to do something that will surprise your better half and show that you put some thought into the gift you get her this year. Order your present in advance and organize for it to be delivered to her at work.
On St. Valentines morning, act as if you have totally forgotten about the day and go on with your business as usual. She will probably be fuming by mid-morning but don’t worry; she will never forget this day once the delivery van comes looking for her with a box of goodies and a bunch of the most beautiful flowers.

Learn to cook

There is still time for you to learn some cooking skills before St. Valentines. The idea is to show that you have put some effort into what you do on this day. You know what she likes. Decide what you will cook for both of you and look for recipes in advance. If you need to practice, do so a few days before the big day. Whatever you do, ensure that you keep this a surprise.
Serve the food the way they do in restaurants and make sure she fills like a princess on this special day. If she discovers what you are doing and she tries to help, politely decline.

Massage your way into her heart

If she works hard and never gets the time to pamper herself, St. Valentines is the day when you need to get her to relax. If you can, get her to take a day off from work and have a massage in the afternoon followed by a good lunch.

If she needs to be at work, you can always book a night out and have a massage before dinner. Sleep at the resort and go to work from there in the morning. She will tell her friends about this for the next whole year.

Do the first date all over again

Do you still remember the settings of your first date? Why not do it all over again? Take the very same route you did on that day. If possible, dress just the way you did. Play the music you played on that day. Recreate the day all over again and remind her how far you have come.

Write a note

With the proliferation of technology, it is possible that your significant other has no idea what your handwriting looks like. Even if she does, you can always send her a handwritten note. A handwritten note is a powerful way of telling someone that you are willing to take the time to think about what you are saying.

To make this fun, put the note somewhere where she can see it when you are not there. You could also send it together with her Valentine’s present.


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