4 Ways to Pump Up Your Mountain Bike


mountain bike on dirt road

Having a mountain bike is something every aspiring athlete or health freak should definitely go for. However, there are certain tasks that you should do to maintain the good condition of your bike. The most important thing is to pump up your mountain bike. Pumping your bike will help you to either increase or maintain the speed of your bike. Not only will pumping up your bike increase your speed, it will also increase your rate of acceleration without pedaling. It will also allow you to brake while driving with force to stop the bike immediately in case of any kind of urgency to do so.

In an article written by The Winning Bike, they said that mountain bikes are one of the greatest inventions. If you want to learn a new skill that would benefit your biking experience, the answer is very easy and simple. Just pump up your bike. As for how to do that?

Here are 4 things to consider when pumping your mountain bike.

1. Add the right pressure to the tires.

The right pressure for your tire would differ from one use to another. If your tires are at low pressure, you will get more grip on your mountain bike. However, this is not the case here. You are looking for speeding up, so you must adjust your tires’ pressure to be at a high value for higher speeds. The high pressure in your tires will help you out because as you speed up on the bike, the tires will start to fold. If your bike is tubeless, try adjusting the pressure of the front to be 1.8 Bar or 26 psi and 2.0 Bar or 29 psi to the rear. If you still run with tubes, then you might need to add 2 psi.

2. The lighter the faster.

Make your mountain bike lighter for higher speeds by getting rid of the unnecessary items in it. These items could be the mudguards, bottle cages and lights. They are considered as an extra weight on your bike that you may not need. You can also have a lighter bike by getting rid of the mud in it by cleaning it regularly or by spraying a lubricant spray that stops the mud from sticking to your bike.

3. Customize your tires.

A fast tire is the tire that has side knobs that are in good condition without the middle knobs. Create a semi-slip tire for higher speed. This can be done through cutting off the middle knobs off the tire.

4. Check the gear.

If your bike’s gear is not properly adjusted, your speed will never get any faster. The better your gear works, the more efficient your bike is and the faster you can go. Check your gear regularly and try to adjust it in case of any misplacements.

Pumping your mountain bike is a very important and essential skill that will benefit your biking experience. It is the easy way to transition you between speeds and help you increase your acceleration without having to pedal as much as you used to do before. With these 4 ways mentioned on how to pump your mountain bike, your biking experience is going to be much different.


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