Top Tips to Help You Sell Your Car


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Cars and other vehicles are not meant to last forever. Even if you have all the mechanic skills in the world, there is only so much you can do with a vehicle as it ages and breaks down. Eventually, you will need a whole host of parts that will cost you more to replace than to buy a new vehicle. For those without that specialty, there is not much you can do once your car’s age starts to wear it down but sell it. Now, before you resign yourself to pennies on the dollar, you will want to follow this guide to help sell your car or trade it in for the highest value.

1. Find Out What Your Car is Worth

The first step to any selling or trading in process is to know independently what your vehicle is worth. It is in the buyer’s best interest for you to sell as low as possible, and without the right knowledge in advance, you can easily be duped into selling too low. To help you determine what your car’s worth is, try reading this guide on the matter over at They go through the entire process so that when you go to trade in or sell, you know it’s worth ahead of time.

2. Trade in Or Sell

You have two options when it comes to selling your vehicle, to trade it in with a dealership, or to sell it.

• Dealing with a Dealership

A great way to lower the price of your newly purchased vehicle is to leverage your old one against it. This is known as trading in if you give your vehicle to the dealership you are also buying your new vehicle from, but you should always know your options beforehand.

For example, you could sell your vehicle for more than its trade in value, and then use that amount towards your down deposit for a better deal on your new car. You could also know the value ahead of time and negotiate better with the dealership if you want to keep things simple and trade in.

• Selling as a Private Seller

Another option when it comes to selling your vehicle is to do it privately, but this comes with its own risks. For example, buyers are often going to be very wary of buying your vehicle privately, unless it is for a very attractive price to them.

To get the most out of your vehicle when selling privately it is best to get things like a mechanic’s inspection done on your own time. Having it professionally cleaned can also help sell it, and when you go to list it online remember to use professional photos when selling it online. Include all the information about how you have had it checked out and inspected, and then list your higher value.

Being patient is often the best way to get a good deal on your current vehicle, regardless of whether you want to sell it or trade it in. Have all the information on hand and do all you can to make your vehicle seem like a more attractive buy.


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