Floor-Standing and Bookshelf Speakers: Which is right for you?



Imagine coming home after a hard working day and you start playing your favorite songs through your home speakers while relaxing. Music does help a lot, in many different situations. Whether you’re coming back home from a great romantic day and want to finish it off with that same vibe, or if you had a really long day and want to just sleep it off with some chill music. We can all agree that music is some sort of escape for us on certain days. What we can all disagree on, however, is just one suitable speaker for all. Decisions like these always go back to aspects like the house, the person, the furniture and the size too. We’ll be telling you all about floor standing and bookshelf speakers with bluetooth and you can decide which would be suitable for your cozy home.

What Are Floor Standing Speakers?

Floor standing speakers are the most common option that people usually go for. They’re very tall in shape and usually rectangular. Known from their name, they’re sometimes favored because they don’t need to be on a table or shelf, they just stand alone. Don’t get too excited though, they can also come in much smaller sizes but also be floor standing speakers. However the larger ones are big enough to have 3 types of driver inside one housing; a tweeter for highs, a woofer for lows and a midrange speaker that delivers both the mid-tones and the vocals. The larger ones can improve low-frequency reproduction by having passive radiators or bass reflex ports on the front or back side. The smaller versions of these speakers take the shape of floor standing speakers but are much shorter than your usual floor standing speakers. These ones can be used in parts of home theater speaker systems.

Why Floor Standing Speakers?

Floor standing speakers deliver a rich sound that is known to be different from all the other speakers. It’s the closest to the greatest sound you can obtain from a home speaker. You can expect a great level of output capabilities like the following in floor standing speakers:

– An extreme high level of volume
– Amazing design
– Various methods of connection
– Great for houses or larger rooms

What Are Bookshelf Speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are relatively smaller compared to the floor standing speakers. They’re in a shape of either a cube or sphere. Their configuration is sometimes through a two-way driver but there are some models that go with three drivers, which is actually your best option. A three-way configuration is with a separate bass port. The two-way driver configuration has one tweeter in charge of the highs and one mid-bass driver in charge of the vocals and the lows. You can improve your bass performance by pairing your bookshelf speaker with a matching subwoofer. This will let you upgrade your speakers into a small home theater.

Why Bookshelf Speakers?

As you may have sensed from the name, these speakers can be placed in many different ways. On actual bookshelves, stands, or even on a wall! You can go creative with this one, there’s more room for convenience. Here are a few advantages we’ve gathered on bookshelf speakers:

– Great for smaller rooms
– Acceptable prices
– Different placements
– Easily upgraded

Now What’s Right For YOU?

By now you should definitely be favoring either of these both types. Simply because they both cater to different households and different personalities, as you’ve noticed by now. Make sure you can answer the following questions when shopping

1 – Which type will be the best for my home type?
2 – How much can I spend accordingly?
3 – Am I looking for rich quality or just high music noise?
4 – If I’ll be going for floor-standing; is there enough room for it?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to know exactly which one is the right one for you. Because no matter how many reviews you go through or how perfect the speakers may seem, you’ll never know how the quality of sound you hear from a speaker will satisfy your ears or not unless you actually hear it. So never stop going the extra mile when shopping for speakers!


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