Biggest winners ever at roulette



Roulette is a real game of chance – it’s not like Blackjack where you can count cards for an edge or Poker where you can bluff your way out, if you sit down for a game of roulette at then you have to hope that luck is on your side and that the right colours are going to come up. But who’s won the most over the years? There’ve been a lot of people who’ve bet high on roulette and walked away a winner, but who’s walked away the richest? Well, here are a few of the biggest winners to walk away with impressive hauls!

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell did what many gamblers claim they would and put everything he owned, all of the assets he had to his name, on one colour. He sold his car, sold his house, sold his watch, all he had to his name when he spun the wheel were the clothes on his back and a chip worth $135,000. He placed the bet, the wheel was spun and…

Well, it’s a list of the biggest winners so you know what happened next.

The ball fell om Red 7, the number Ashley had picked and he walked away with $270,000. He used the added cash to get into the online casino market with a poker website and recently a new site called I Gaming Recruitment. Giving back to the industry that made him his fortune!

Mike Ashley

This one’s probably not as impressive since Mike Ashley was a billionaire when he started but he decided one day to pop into a casino in Mayfair and play some roulette. But when you have a bankroll high enough that you can afford to splash some real cash, you can afford to place some really heavy bets. Mr. Ashley’s choice was 17 so he placed a complete bet on 17. That’s some chips on every possible bet that includes 17 – odds, blacks, middle numbers and on the single number itself. It’s a risky bet but has a massive pay off if, like Mike Ashley, the result you bet complete on actually comes in.

When the ball landed on 17, Mike Ashley walked away with a net profit of £820,000! Which, for a normal person, is a huge windfall but when you own Newcastle United it probably just gave him a nice bit of bankroll for any future bets.

Charles Wells

The legendary Charles Wells is a bit of an icon as he was, in his day to day life, a notorious scam artist. But while he was a con-man, he’s actually most famous for being the man who broke the bank. He won so much money at roulette in Monte Carlo that tables had to close and had no money to pay out. His total winnings is to the tune of 2 million Francs in 1891 money. It’s hard to calculate exactly how much that is in modern funds but its somewhere in the tens of millions of dollar. What’s perhaps most incredible, given his reputation, Wells was under incredible scrutiny so as far as anyone can tell he played the game 100% straight. And still won a colossal amount.


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