7 New Technology Upgrades for Your Outdoor Living Space


Thinking about throwing an amazing outdoor party? Then it’s time to step your game up and think about investing in a few tech-savvy upgrades to your outdoor party space. Now that technology has become more weather-friendly, wireless and easily accessible, there’s no reason you and your guests shouldn’t be able to enjoy these amazing technological advancements even outdoors.

If you want people to remember you as the guy that threw that party, check out these insane new technology upgrades to transform your backyard and help you throw the most amazing party your friends have ever been to.

1. Backyard Theater System

Ever thought about having your own inflatable screen and HD movie system right in your own backyard? The Backyard Theater System is what you want to invest in. If you’re having a pool party, you can even host a swim-up screening if that’s more your style.

2. USB Umbrella

The USB Umbrella can be placed on every table and provide hours of entertainment. Not only can your party guests take a break from the gleaming sun, but they can also freshen up and re-charge. Literally. Your guests can use the USB port on the umbrella to charge their phones and anything else that can be charged with a USB wire. How cool is that?

3. Color Night Vision Security Camera System

If you’re going to have a bunch of people over — some of whom you don’t know — it helps to have an added layer of protection against theft. Enter the nocturnal security camera, equipped with features like 4K Ultra HD, long-range color night vision, extreme weather performance and back-illuminated pixel technology. A security camera system can give you peace of mind knowing your property and possessions are protected.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker can liven up any party by allowing you or your guests to connect your phones and play music. Some Bluetooth speakers come with party lights built in. Browse the best Bluetooth speakers online to determine which one would be best for your outdoor party.

5. Portable LED Lights

Having an outdoor event at night means some sort of lighting will be needed to illuminate your outdoor living space. If you’re over the traditional string lights, consider a few portable LED lamps to brighten up your evening parties. You can even keep them around for everyday use.

6. Fireplace

A fireplace can add a dash of sophistication to your outdoor living area, or offer a warm, cozy atmosphere if you’re hosting an intimate party with just a few guests. Browse different styles and installation choices or opt for a faux fireplace, which can add just as much charm and style to your backyard area.

7. Universal Outdoor Remote

An outdoor universal remote control can save you the trouble of hopping out of the pool to dim the lights or change the music during your party. A remote like this can also control your other systems, including your water system. You can integrate almost every piece of technology with your outdoor remote control — just think how convenient it will be to turn off the sprinklers from the comfort of your lawn chair.

Tech-savvy upgrades to your backyard living space could infuse your party with life while giving your guests something to talk about for months to come. So, if you’re thinking of throwing an outdoor party any time soon, consider these technology upgrades to transform your backyard into the ultimate party space.


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