Vice – Avoid the downward spiral


We men are creatures drawn to the prohibited, forming habits and doing things that can sometimes be just too much for people around us or for ourselves.

Engaging in a little vice is part of becoming a real man . . . Some start smoking in school, some form a habit of picking up girls (sometimes not the kind your mom would approve of).

Having a moral backbone should be of utmost importance if we engage in activities that might hurt us or the people around us. This is not to say that a little fun should be considered immoral . . . Here are the some forms of vices we like to enjoy along with useful tips on how to minimize the damage, and to realize when it’s time to quit:


Gambling is on the rise in the USA and in the most part of the western world. It’s fun, exciting and extremely popular with men who are just looking for a good time with the promise of high profits at the end of every night.

The gambling industry is pushing every button to make sure, that the target audience(we men) visit their gambling halls online or offline. A great example of this is the welcome bonus at Caesars, offering players free money to enter their premises.

Gambling is fun, but can be habit forming and chasing losses will always result in even further money spent. Be cautious with this form of entertainment. If you like it the first time, you’ll hate it the last time.

No exercise/bad diet

We’ve all been there . . . the slice of pizza from under the sofa cushion . . . 3 weeks old . . . Yummy . . . Being lazy once in a while is perfectly normal. All men seem to have the laziness gene embedded in him. It’s just a question of how much do you really allow this habit to take over your life.

Having an unhealthy, carbs and fat saturated meal from time to time is giving in on pleasure, but overdoing it will lead to weight gain and health issues. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to treat yourself with real food, (you know, the type girls usually order, when eating out) . . . have a salad from time to time. It won’t kill you.

Alcohol, smoking and other drugs

Having a drink with friends is one of the most common vice there are. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol seem to have become a daily routine and while they are terribly unhealthy, men are still inclined to use them either as social lubricants or just for fun.

Overdoing any of the above will have serious health effects and might lead to the exact opposite of what was intended with their use.

As with all vice, the first and most important rule you need to follow is to know when your harmless habit is becoming a problem. Quitting before it does makes all the difference between having a fun time and a life in ruins.

Keep your eyes open and have fun!


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