Dating a Russian Woman: A Brief Guide of Key Things to Know


Men from all over the world may find themselves dating a Russian woman at some point in their lives. However, very few of these lucky lads know how to woo one. Dating is confusing enough as it is. Dating Russian women, however, is unknown terrain. But don’t be discouraged! We’re here to help. Let’s take you through what you need to know about dating a Russian girl. Although stereotypes shouldn’t play a role in dating choices and practice, cultural peculiarities do exist, and it’s important that they aren’t ignored. When partners come from different backgrounds, factors ranging from simple mannerisms to differences in taste can clash. This can make the relationship extremely difficult or even lead to its failure. Hence, sometimes men require a little bit of guidance to understand how to approach courting a woman if he wants to win her affections.

How to Make a Russian Girl Feel Special

It’s not a nice feeling to know that you are just another girl. Try doing something special like surprising her by making breakfast, buying her flowers just because, or taking her on a secret date. Find out what her hobbies are and think about how you can incorporate them with your own. This way you can show that you have something in common and plan activities that are both relevant and enjoyable.

But it’s not all about what you do. You also must consider what you say. Girls love being complimented. But try not to be too general. Instead, focus on giving her unique compliments. For example, instead of just saying that she looks stunning, try something like complimenting on separate details of her outfit and suggesting taking a picture of her.

What Are Russian Women Like

Russian women are very intelligent and curious. They are also brutally honest and will call you out when necessary. Although they may seem a bit guarded at first but will open up once they feel like you’re showing a real interest. So, to answer the impending question “what do Russian women want?” …. use your common sense. Like all other women in the world, they want to feel like you are paying attention. Listen to her when she’s talking and express an interest in her as a person by asking her questions about her life and hobbies, or maybe even showing an interest in her culture. Make sure that you are openly communicative about who you are and where you stand in the relationship.

How to Know If a Russian Girl Likes You

If you find yourself agonizing over whether or not you’re doing the right things, here are a few of the tell-tale signs a Russian girl likes you. Smiling is always a good sign, as is laughing at your jokes. If it seems like she’s finding excuses to make physical contact, its safe to say that she finds you attractive.

Moreover, if she confides in you and tells you about personal issues, this a good sign she trusts you. Also, if she’s keeping up constant communication and not waiting for you to make all the moves, you can bet she’s interested.


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