How Much Do You Know About Green Tea Chocolate?


If you enjoy sampling different types of chocolate, chances are you might have tried green tea chocolate. If not, you’re in for a different kind of chocolate experience — one that departs from the regular avenues of pure white, dark and milk chocolates. Green tea chocolate comes in a wide variety of confections — from creamy and smooth to crispy and crunchy. One thing all of these type of candies have in common is the distinctive green tea flavor. Read on to find how everything you ever wanted to know about green tea chocolate, including whether or not you — or the person you’re trying to win over — might want to try it.

What is Green Tea Chocolate?

Green tea chocolate is a Japanese specialty that is available in a variety of confectionary delights. It has a chocolate base that is either infused or dusted with green tea powder, also known as matcha or maccha.

What Types of Green Tea Chocolate Are There?

Green tea chocolate confections are only limited by the confectioner’s imagination. Here are a few types of green tea chocolate candies that might entice you:

Chocolate Maccha: White chocolate infused with green tea powder offers a creamy, delectable experience complemented by the distinct aroma and taste of maccha
Duo Praline Maccha: Double layers of maccha cream and sauce are enveloped in a smooth and creamy chocolate shell
Maccha Almond Chocolate: Whole crunchy almonds encased in rich chocolate complemented by the slightly bitter taste of maccha
Maccha Bar Chocolate: Maccha chocolate bars that pack a crunch, filled with a variety of crispy puff, macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds and cashews
Nama Chocolate “Maccha”: Liquor infused white chocolate complemented with the bittersweet flavor of authentic green tea leaves
Petite Truffe Maccha: Rich maacha-flavored ganache dusted with fragrant maccha chocolate powder — perfect for a true maccha lover
PrafeuilleChocolat Maccha: Aromatic green tea sauce nestled between layers of creamy green tea-infused chocolate
Chocolate Wafers “Maccha Cream”: A confectionary delight of crispy wafers and delicate maccha cream enveloped in maccha chocolate
Potechi Crunch Chocolate “Maccha”: A sweet-and-salty lover’s delight created from a combination of pieces of potato chips, cornflakes and cookies encased in delicious maccha chocolate

What Does Green Tea Chocolate Taste Like?

Green tea chocolate tastes like chocolate flavored with matcha or maccha. Since you likely know what chocolate tastes like, you can get an idea of what green tea chocolate tastes like if you imagine it paired with matcha. Matcha is described as having a slightly bitter but nutty taste. The quality of the taste depends on the region from which the matcha originates. Matcha can be a bit sweeter or more rich. Overall, the taste of matcha is slightly acidic, creamy, a bit nutty or even fruity.

Are There Any Health Benefits Associated With Eating Green Tea Chocolate?

It’s no secret green tea has health benefits. But what about green tea chocolate? The most beneficial type of green tea chocolate would be one that’s a marriage of dark chocolate and green tea. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can increase alertness and attentiveness but also can raise blood pressure. But dark chocolate paired with the amino acid L-theanine — a relaxant present in green tea — can actually cause a drop in blood pressure. So, one could surmise that green tea chocolate, at least the dark chocolate varieties, have health benefits.

How Can You Figure Out if You Would Like Green Tea Chocolate?

The obvious answer would be just to order some and try it. But, if you’re unsure if you would like it, the next best thing would be to create your own tasting experience. To begin, you’ll need some green teamatcha powder and some of your preferred type of chocolate: white, milk or dark. Once you have the ingredients, try sprinkling a bit of the matcha powder over each piece of chocolate and eating it slowly while savoring the taste. You can also brew some green tea to sip while you’re savoring bites of the chocolate. Although the varieties of green tea chocolates you can purchase will provide a different tasting experience, pairing matcha with chocolate can give you an idea of whether you would like the taste.

Green Tea Chocolate Confections Can Make a Great Gift

Rather than opting for the average, ordinary box of chocolates you can pick up anywhere, why not choose to gift green tea chocolates? Green tea chocolates offer a distinctive experience for lovers of chocolate and green tea. So consider introducing someone you admire or care for to a new confectionary delight.


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