Top 5 portable stereos


Music is food for the soul. It revives your energy when you feel low and gives rhythm to life. However, due to everyday hassles, you can’t walk with your home theater wherever you go. For this reason, technology has come to your aid with portable stereo. Well, there are numerous sellers of portable stereos, but can they guarantee sound quality?

Here are top 5 portable stereos you should consider when purchasing a portable stereo:

1. Logitech UE Boombox – This is one of the best portable stereos thanks to the awesome features it comes with. To begin with, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity hence you will not need cables to listen to your favorite songs from your phone. One of the most amazing features of this stereo is that you can pair it to eight devices at the same time. This means that you will not be running ‘search’ every time you want to connect it to a device. With a maximum sound level of 120 decibels, the audio quality will amaze you.

2. JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom! – This portable stereo doesn’t only come with a Hi-Fi sound speakers, but also with multiple player options like CD, CD-R, FM Radio, USB port, and WMA playback. this stereo comes with microphone and guitar port hence good for musical rehearsals.

3. Sony ZS-H10CP Heavy Duty CD Radio – This stereo is water resistant, you will be safe if it rains while you are outdoors. With this you can listen to AM/FM, CD, and MP3. Also, the audio quality is superb, plus it comes with a protective bar that helps you hold it safely while outdoors.

4. GPX BD702B – If you love watching music videos then this stereo is for you. It comes with a 7-inch screen that will keep you glued. What’s more, it supports varied players like; CD/DVD, USB port, AM/FM, and JPEG discs among others. It has microphone port, and high resolution screen that makes it the best choice for karaoke.

5. Sony CFD-S05 – This stereo has what it takes to make a party outdoors. It speakers may seem small, but boom like a full-size boombox. It supports players like; single cassette, CD, and MP3. You can also use auxiliary cables should need be. It is powered by C-size batteries, but you can also use AC power cord.

Check out these five portable stereos will make your outdoor ventures memorable.


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