Helpful Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Vehicle


If you have the need to regularly get from point A to point B, you know it costs money. From rule and repairs, to proper insurance coverage – in some cases, the costs of driving are high.

While there are some things you cannot control – like the cost of gas – there are other things you can do to help extend the longevity of your vehicle, while ensuring it maintains its value. While knowing the details of your warranty, like the ones provided by Autowise, is a great first step, there are other essential things you can do, as well.

Keep reading to learn how to ensure your vehicle continues to run efficiently and that it has the longest life possible.

Breathing Easier

Even those drivers who aren’t necessarily mechanically inclined know they need to change their vehicle’s oil and oil filter regularly (this is true even if they fail to do it). However, there are other filters and fluids that also need to be maintained.

For example, when you change your vehicle’s air filter, it will help your vehicle breathe easier, and the engine will last longer. If you have an air filter that has become clogged, your engine can’t perform properly. This also impacts your fuel economy negatively and over the long term, can harm your engine.

Keep Things Cool

You need to make sure you maintain your vehicle’s cooling system and that the proper amount of coolant is present. This is just as important as making sure that your engine is properly lubricated. In many cases, this can help you save thousands (or more) in repairs.

The fact is, a seemingly simply cooling system issue can result in your vehicle’s engine virtually “melting down.” This can happen if proper coolant isn’t present, or if your hoses aren’t maintained. Don’t let this happen.

Check the Pressure

One of the most neglected parts of any vehicle are the tires. The majority of people don’t pay much attention to ensuring that their tires are properly inflated. Not only is this bad for the vehicle itself, the tires and your vehicle’s fuel economy, it also represents a huge safety issue.

All you have to do to prevent these issues is keep your tires properly inflated and at the right pressure. This only costs a few dollars at the air machine at your local gas station.

Invest in Regular Tune-Ups

Take the time to find a mechanic or repair shop you trust. Once you have, make sure the same shop always services your vehicle.

After all, if you get sick, you don’t always go to a different doctor, right? That’s because your doctor gets to know you, your health issues and more. The same is true for your mechanic. When they get to know your vehicle, they can easily diagnose issues that may arise.

Inspect Your Car on Your Own

In addition to regular check-ups from a mechanic, it’s also a good idea to inspect your own vehicle from time to time. Make sure the lights are working properly and that all four tires are inflated. Open up the hood and look at the hoses, too.

By doing these things on a regular basis, you can easily prevent issues from occurring – which will help your vehicle last longer and run more efficiently.

Don’t ignore issues with your vehicle. Over time, they are only going to get worse. Using the tips and information here will help ensure your vehicle has the longest life possible.


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