How to Choose the Right Razor So You Get a Perfect Shave Every Time


Hoping to get the perfect shave every time? Then you need the right razor. Read on to learn how to choose the best razor for your face.

While you might think that complaining about cutting yourself while shaving is kind of silly, you need to consider all of the people who have died from shaving.

Cutting yourself while shaving is more than a small annoyance, as you could feel like you look unprofessional going into work with cuts on your face. To get the best shave every time, you need to get the best razor.

Here are four things you should think about while you’re out shopping for the perfect razor for you.

1. Think About The Number Of Blades

If you’ve watched the changes to razor technology in the last few years you might think that soon enough, we’ll have razors with 20 blades on each head. One razor blade might seem like enough when you’re trying to rid yourself of body hair. However, the multi-blad razors exist for a reason.

The concept behind them is that they eliminate the need for multiple passes, as they do the first, second, and third passes with each swipe. However, you pay much more for those heads than you would for a single blade safety razor. The concept behind them is that they will give you the closest and smoothest shave with each stroke.

However, there are some advantages to using a single blade safety razor. These blades will cost you pennies on the dollar.

If you’re dealing with razor burn, the reason for that is that your blades have bacteria on them. When you can afford to throw out your blades after just a few uses, you can rid yourself of one of the biggest reasons that people get razor burn.

Deciding between how many blades you want to shave with is one of the biggest things to deliberate. Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there to help you learn more about the differences to think about.

2. Movement is Meaningful

Another major technical change in the world of razors is the moving, pivoting and swiveling heads at the top of a razor. Most people like to use one razor, perhaps with different heads, to shave their whole body. If you’re using the same razor on the contours of your legs that you use on the essentially flat areas of your face, you probably deal with nicks and cuts.

This isn’t your deficiency as a shaver. It has to do with the limits of your razor. If you go with a multi-blade razor, you could have a better shave.

This is especially true if you’re shaving intimate parts of your body.

When you’re going over contours on a part of your body that’s curved, you need razors to move. Stationary razors will cause you to be more likely to cut yourself.

Look for one that has a strong ergonomic handle that is easy for you to grip. This will also add to your ability to control your shave. When you have to grip an awkwardly shaped razor too firmly, you don’t have the kind of control that you need.

3. You Need Lubrication

Whether you’re using a razor that lubricates itself or going with some old-fashioned shaving cream, you need to make sure that you’re staying moisturized. When your skin is soft, your hair is soft and the razor is lubricated, so you can move it much more smoothly.

Several new razors include a lubrication strip that breaks down and lubricates your skin as it gets wet and it moves across your skin. When you’re adding shaving cream, you’re going to inevitably have some parts of your skin that are more lubricated than others. A lubrication strip can be a great backup.

No matter what kind of shaving solution you’re using, make sure it has some useful additives to help your shave go more smoothly. Vitamin E, cocoa butter, and other essential vitamins can make shaving easier and healthier.

Never try to shave any part of your body without softening the hair up with warm water and a lubricant. You’ll be leaving your skin dry, susceptible to being scratched or nicked, and pulling on hair that hasn’t been conditioned to be shaved off.

4. Razors Are Designed Differently

While you might laugh at the way that razors are designed and categorized by gender, there are design and technical differences between them. We all have hair and we all have similar needs, but changes to handle weight, design, and flexibility are uniquely designed to handle curves differently. While these differences often account for huge disparities in pricing, be sure to look at every razor discriminately.

You might find a razor that isn’t designed for your gender might be better for the way that you shave. At the end of the day, the performance and the intended result of these products are the same. If you find that you could be paying less for razors better suited to your needs, go with the razor that works, not how it’s marketed.

Finding the best razor for you might take a long journey and a little bit of experimentation. There could be cheap razors that are well suited to your needs.

If your safety razor is the perfect choice for you, but you travel for your job, you might have trouble getting the shave you need while traveling. This means that you’ll need an inexpensive backup solution that works for you. Make sure that you know what you can work with, no matter what the conditions are.
It’s Hard to Find the Best Razor
Ultimately, there is a list of features that will ensure that you have the best razor. You need to make this list for yourself so that you know how to eliminate the wrong razor for you.

To make your hair easy to shave and your skin impervious to cuts, you need to make sure you have the ideal diet. Check out our guide to see what you should add.


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