How Does the Hard Rock Get Its Memorabilia?


I like the Hard Rock Cafe. I really like it, in fact. Yes the same food may be churned out at every location across the world, but for any music fan, it really is the stuff of dreams.

I find myself continually staring at the walls, ignoring my company as I look in awe at Liam Gallagher’s suit in Manchester, Bono’s sunglasses in Dublin and Pete Townshend’s smashed up guitar in Las Vegas.

I enjoy playing the lottery once in a while, taking the occasional trip to a casino, and participating in a poker game from time to time. For me, gambling is a fun, recreational activity and I was looking forward to hitting the tables in Vegas.

The Sin City joint was almost a dream come true. While I was practicing roulette system on some of the best rated casino sites ahead of my trip.

I needn’t have bothered.

My time spent walking the hallways and casino floor of the Hard Rock, more interested in the suits of the Beatles and Michael Jackson’s glove. But it did get me thinking, how do they get their hands on all this booty?

Interestingly, their story begins in London and it was in fact Eric Clapton that inspired them to get things hanging on the wall. Opening in 1971, Clapton became a loyal customer, so much so he donated one of his guitars and asked for it to be put on the wall opposite his favourite table as a pretty extravagant reserved sign.

A few weeks later, Pete Townshend brought his guitar in and a trend was born. Today, they own thousands of pieces of memorabilia.

They have a dedicated team in order to collect fascinating musical artifacts, scouring auction houses across the world as well as leaning on private collectors to get some of the best hanging while we stuff our faces with burgers and ribs.

Some items come naturally, with hotels and restaurants all over the world, it’s pretty standard that they get VIP guests on regular occasions, all usually happy to throw a few items their way.

Jerry Fraize, head of the memorabilia team said, “We have so many properties around the world between the cafes, hotels and casinos.”

“A lot of times, the artists will come and stay, or come and eat and so we will have an interaction and [opportunity]to acquire memorabilia that way.”

The Hard Rock continues to thrive with restaurants, hotels, casinos and music venues open across the planet.

They’re expanding to Dubai and continue to showcase memorabilia that you could only dream of seeing.

Who knows what the future will hold, perhaps the Manchester joint will house the flares of Blossoms in a glass box or, Liam Fray’s trench coat?

Whatever happens, I say long live, because while the food may not be amazing, the chance to see a rock star’s guitar, shades or extravagant outfit makes it an experience to savour.


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