Preserving Memories with Film Transfer


Many of us have precious memories captured on old film. With the world moving to digital, you should consider moving all of your old films to a digital format for easy access and preservation.

You can bring your precious memories and important images into the 21st century with affordable film to digital transfer from Film Transfer Company. You may think your old films are safe tucked away in the attic or basement. However, film doesn’t last forever, even when properly stored. In fact, old film may eventually deteriorate to the point where once in a lifetime moments are gone forever. An affordable way to avoid losing priceless treasures is to transfer your film to DVD, BluRay or digital video files.

Top-Quality Film Transfer Equipment

The average age of film seen is around 50-55 years old. In some cases, you may even be able to transfer older films from the 1930s and ’40s. The reason why time is so important with film transfer is because film shrinks with age.
Also, sprocket holes closer on newer film, which means cheaper film transfer machines can’t play or process older film. If you attempt to use such machines, you’ll damage your film. Use professional scanners that don’t rely on sprocket holes to move the film along during the transfer process. Instead, lasers scan each frame — which also dramatically improves the quality of the results!

All Types of Film Transferred!

Over the decades, different types of film served various purposes, from capturing family moments to capturing the creative works of ambitious independent movie makers. You can transfer all types of film to your preferred digital format.

Super 8 Film

Widely popular in the 1960s, Super 8 film is so-named because it has a width of 8mm. You can transfer any of your old Super 8 films to the digital format that works best for you. Resolution: Up to 2k or 1556 lines.

16mm Film

A cheaper alternative to 35mm motion picture film, 16mm film has been around since the 1920s. While it’s possible to have older family movies on 16mm, it’s a format that was more commonly used by independent film makers and government agencies. Resolution: Up to 2k or 1556 lines.

35mm Film

35mm film is a professional film format that’s long-been used for major motion pictures and commercials. This type of film typically has multiple audio formats (e.g., Dolby Digital, Stereo, SDDS). Pick your preferred digital format and we’ll take care of the rest!

Why Use Film Transfer?

The main reason to take advantage of film transfer services is to protect important memories. At one time, it was common for home movies to be captured to film, so odds are you have some of these cherished possessions somewhere in your home. Taking advantage of our convenient various film transfer services also means you’ll be able to:

• Free up storage space in your home
• Preserve moments captured to film for future generations
• Give copies of the DVD, BluRay, or file version of your films as gifts to family members and friends

With film transfer, you can use Advanced Grain Elimination Technology to eliminate 85% of the grain and unwanted noise from film to make your old films come to life again in ways you never thought possible!


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