Things You Didn’t Know About Living in a Beach Town


For many people, living by the beach seems like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Waking up to the sound of the ocean and the smell of saltwater every morning is something not many people get to experience, aside from the occasional beach vacation. For those lucky enough to live in a beach town, everyday life can be pretty, well, great. For everyone else, here are a few things you didn’t know about living in a beach town.

The Homes Are Beautiful

One of the best parts of living in a beach town are the beautiful homes. Waterfront homes tend to be the most grand, with an emphasis on the view. Many waterfront homes feature large windows, high ceilings, and a deck facing the beach, making these types of homes some of the most in demand. For example, condos in Fort Lauderdale continue to be some of the most sought after homes in the area simply because of their location.

People Assume You Know How To Surf

There are a lot of stereotypes that go along with living in a beach town. From being tan year-round to living in flip-flops and bathing suits, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with living at the beach. In reality, people who live in beach towns typically lead regular lives and don’t spend every day hitting the surf. Summers are usually the most tourist-heavy times for many beach towns, and the off-seasons tend to be quiet. People who live in beach towns are just normal people who happen to live near the ocean!

Summers Are Extremely Busy

As you can probably imagine, living in a beach town during the summer can get pretty hectic. Many local restaurants and stores stay closed for most of the year, otherwise known as the off-season, only to reopen towards the end of May. During this time, many beach towns see a huge influx of vacationers, mostly from out of town. While some tourists opt to just stay for the weekend, many of them stay the entire summer at vacation homes. This can be especially exciting for young children, as it gives them the opportunity to make friends over the summer. The busy summertime season is definitely one of the most exciting parts of living in a beach town.

There’s Always Something To Do

Even though many local businesses often close during the off-season, there are still tons of fun things to do. Having immediate access to the beach year-round presents plenty of opportunities to hang out by the water, even on chillier days. While it may seem like there would be a shortage of things to do during the off-season, there are still plenty of local spots, such as movie theaters, coffee shops, and outdoor recreational areas to hang out. Who said living in a beach town during the off-season has to be boring?

There Is No Better Place To Live

There is really nothing like living in a beach town, and it’s something many people don’t get to experience. From beautiful weather to countless fun things to do, living in a beach town is a truly special experience.


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