Matching Your Fashion with Your Passion: 5 Tips to Dress as a Rider


In the US, some people are afraid to even sit on a motorcycle, let alone ride one, but those that have experienced the true passion and freedom of cruising on a Harley or blazing through the highway on a Honda will swear that nothing else on earth can replicate that feeling. If you can relate to that emotion and mostly use a bike to get around, it only makes sense that your fashion proudly reflects the adventurous lifestyle which you lead on a daily basis. On that note, here are five ways to spruce up your wardrobe and dress like a real rider should.

Gear Up for Safety with a Full-Face Helmet

The single most important tip on this list is that you should always dress with safety in mind first, whenever you are riding a bike. This means that a certified, full-face helmet of the right size is one of the first things that you should be investing in. biker helmets come in various designs and shapes, without sacrificing on the safety standards, so take your time in choosing something that matches the overall theme of your bike.

Wear the Quintessential Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the most iconic piece of biker gear that anyone can wear and there is no other piece of clothing in the entire fashion industry which can match the cool factor it brings to a rider. However, there’s more to the biker’s leather jacket than just awesome fashion. A proper biker’s jacket comes with protective padding in the shoulder, back, and elbow regions to reduce damage to the torso and upper limbs in case of an accident.

Gloves and Boots

Complement that leather jacket with full gloves and riding boots to almost complete the look and protect your hands and feet in the process, especially during the colder months. Military boots with steel toes will also do if you want to save a few bucks, not to mention, they are a better fit for walking around than the average biker boot as well.

Riding Pants?

Ideally, you should wear specialized riding pants with appropriate protection to your knees and sides, but if that is not your style, you can simply wear dark denim with knee and side protection underneath, which will work just as well and makes more sense in terms of fashion.


Now that we have the basics covered, it’s time to complete the look with accessories that fine tune your fashion into that of the biker you truly are. A biker’s ring or two, a biker wallet and a pendant to show your faith are pretty much all you need to get started here. Don’t just go with the craziest stuff you find, but make sure that whatever you buy actually has relevance to what you believe in or represent as a biker.

As a bonus tip, we would advise against getting a biker’s tattoo right away, even when you are affiliated with a motorcycle club. Take as much time as you need to before getting that tattoo, because it’s a very serious form of branding that will stay with you for your whole life.


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