Different Kinds of Personalized Leather Journal Covers


In this article, we’ll be discussing different ways that you can personalize your leather journal cover to make it your own. Read on to find out more.

If you want to keep track of things, you have a few options at your disposal, ranging from programs like Evernote to good old-fashioned paper. The choice is up to you, in the end, as the medium onto which you transcribe your thoughts is a matter of personal preference, but studies are now showing that some are preferable to others.

While your preference should be the primary factor that determines where you keep your journal and notes, it has been proven that physically writing helps you retain information better. Since this is the case, logging information with a pen and paper (or a journal) is typically the better choice if you need to remember something.

Today, we’re going to be discussing the topic of journals, but not just any kind of journal, as we’ll be looking at personalized leather journal covers. A lot of the time, personalized journal covers are made out of handmade leather, and there are a few different ways you can get one customized, so we’ll be taking a look at the choices.


One of the more common options for those who want to personalize their leather journals is to have their initials imprinted on the cover. Having your initials on your journal will help you identify it and may even get it returned to you if you lose it, through an identity card on the inner side of the cover would help too.

There are many different fonts and styles you can use when having your initials stamped on your journal. For example, some people like to have gold foil embedded in the letters so that they shine while others will have them inked in so that they stand out against the leather.


Beyond initials, you’ll find that some leather journals can be made with custom patterns, though you’ll have to often make a special request for this. These patterns are either made by the leatherworker as your journal is handcrafted, or they are added later on after construction.

For example, you can have patterns that range from stripes to checkerboards on your personalized leather journal cover. The more intricate the design, the more it will tend to cost as extra work will have to go into it.

Crests or Symbols

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to emboss letters on your journal, as you can also have it marked with a particular symbol of your choosing. For example, you can choose something with a deep personal meaning to you like your family crest or something along those lines.

Of course, a crest will be much more complex than some simple initials, so you’ll have to expect that this personalization process will cost a bit more.


There are plenty of ways to make your journal uniquely yours, and we’ve only addressed a few of them over the course of this guide. We hope that we’ve been able to give you some ideas when it comes to personalizing your own journal.


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