4 Ways to Take Your Garage to the Next Level


Depending on how you use your garage, making it more functional is usually something most of us would like to do. Whether you use it as a workspace or as a place to store your toys, there’s always something you can do to make it look better while making it more comfortable at the same time. Here are four easy ways anyone can upgrade their garage space.

Get Organized

One of the simplest ways (though not necessarily the fastest), to take your garage to the next level is to get organized. Set up wall organizers so you can move items off the floor and onto the walls for easy access. This will make it easy to locate where you’ve stored everything. You can add overhead storage units to the list. Some can support up to 500 pounds while giving you more room to park, work and play in the garage. Cabinets are also a good way to store the little items that can’t hang on walls or to organize items you have in bulk. You can check out Gladiator Garage Works for garage storage solutions that work best for your particular situation.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

Your garage door is generally the first thing people see arriving in your home, and unlike the mess in the garage, it is seen by people who may never see the interior of your home. A great way to make a good first impression is upgrading your garage door to a more stylish design (though a sturdier one improves your home’s security, too). Note that you could select a garage door that is already insulated to add to the comfort and year-round usability of the garage.

Another option is updating the interior door from the inside of your house to the garage. If the interior door is in bad shape, replace it. If the door is in good structural condition, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.

Look Down

We can’t forget the floor when planning a garage upgrade. Cleaning it of debris and trash is the least you can do. The next step would be refurbishing it with a coating that creates a durable, attractive surface, like epoxy for instance. A side benefit of this is that it is easier to hose down these surfaces for a quick cleaning. If you work on the cars a lot, or space is at a premium, you might want to consider installing a car lift.

Look Up

Too many garages come with a minimal bare light bulb that doesn’t provide enough functional light. A simple upgrade could be installing long fluorescent lights that illuminate the entire space. If you have a workbench or other work areas, install task lighting, too. Put light switches by every entrance so that it is easy to turn on the overhead lights.

Stop promising yourself you’ll clean out the garage and take it to the next level. By installing a few of these upgrades, you’ll improve the look and usability of your garage for the long-term.


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