Boys Toys Only the Super Rich Can Afford


Boys never really grow up, do we? Regardless of how old we get, there is just something about fun and adventure that always gets us going, as we can see in our collections of toys, be they for adults or children. Some of the boys toys that we see however, are often out of our price range, but what if they weren’t? Imagine if you play live lotteries and just happen to win big, perhaps even the jackpot, that would be a surefire way to get your hands on some of these ludicrous boys toys.

Wrensilva M1 Stereo Console

Vinyl has once again exploded onto the scene, and as the popularity of the LPs themselves has risen, so too has the sleek and stylish record player offerings. This delightful stereo console from Wrensilva will set you back a cool $10,000, but it is likely to be the best money that you have ever invested in music in the home. Master workmanship in both design and audio quality means that this is a $10k spend which you will never regret.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular

Since the dawn of the smartphone, watchmaking companies have gone back to doing what they know best rather than competing, which is making high quality and beautiful wristwatches. Tag Heuer on the other hand ( no pun intended ) have decided to do both with their Connected Modular time piece, which comes complete with 589 full diamonds, a sleek face design and, you’ve guessed it, fully compatible with Android devices. If you want to pit that money to good use, drop $197,000 on this watch and show the world that you really mean business.

Gaming Glory

A gaming laptop is the ultimate boys toy and they don’t get much better than the Acer Predator 21X, a monster of a laptop which will set you back just shy of $10,000. The laptop offers two super-powerful NVidia GTX 1080 GPUs inside, a smart camera, which synchronizes with tracking features in particular games, and more capability than any of its competitors on the market. For the ultimate in laptop gaming, this is the computer that you need.


Now that you are newly rich, it is time to drop some serious cash on getting some headphones that will make people stop and say wow. The headphones in question are the Tournaire Utopia headphones, which use 18 karat gold 6 karats of diamonds, lambskin leather and carbon fiber in their makeup. Beyond the obvious bling, which these bad boys offer, the sound quality is spectacular and the less-clingy varieties of the headphones can be found in studios all over the world. The headphones come in at a cool $123,000, and can be found in a small boutique in Paris, another boy toy that will blow people away.

What will be your first purchase when your numbers come up?


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