Bachelor Pad Living Room Design Ideas for Men


The idea that single guys need not bother with interior design and can in fact live in a messy apartment is thankfully gone. Now, we have what you call the modern bachelor pad that exudes class, charm and masculinity in its own way.

Modern men are now particular and meticulous about the way their apartment looks especially the living room. The living room is where it all begins, most single men spend most of their times in the living room with their giant TV screen, comfortable couch, gaming console and whatnot. Considering the amount of time spent in this area of the house, it is indeed worth it to put a lot of effort to make it look not just beautiful and presentable but most of all, comfortable.

Here are some bachelor pad living room design ideas to consider:

1. Nice but comfortable couch – if you will invest in one thing then it is none other than the couch. The couch should be the star of your living room. A couch potato wouldn’t be such without a couch. Seriously, you should choose the best couch that looks presentable but comfortable too. You can consider fabric lounges, perfect for minimalist or modern theme. It is recommended to get the biggest size possible that can fit your living room without making the area look small or crowded. It is also important to choose the colour that will complement the overall interior of your living room.

2. Low coffee table – low coffee table as centre table surely adds aesthetic value to the living room. Not only it is stylish and classy but it is very useful too like where you put your pizza box, beer, magazines and so on. But make sure to clean it up before you sleep at night to keep the space tidy and posh.

3. Monochromatic colours – do you want to achieve a modern look for your living room? Go for neutral colours and while you’re at it, it’s best to use monochromatic style. There’s something so modern and masculine about a living room with different shades of grey (maybe not 50 though).

4. Hang decorative pieces in the wall – do not be afraid to use the walls – you should hang a painting, place a mirror, or even hang your collections like posters of favourite bands or athletes. If you’re a musician, then maybe you can allot a space for your guitars. This is space-saving, artsy and make the room personal.

5. Patterned rug – to add some playful factor, you can add patterned rug to complete the look of your living room. It makes the room look warm but cozy.

In designing your bachelor pad living room, there are two major things that you need to ask yourself, is it comfortable and is it nice? But more than the aesthetic look, comfort should be your top priority. Your living room is where you spend most of your time and it is where you rest and enjoy after a long day at work so it should be cozy and stylish. It is indeed what you deserve!


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