How to Stay Fit in Your 50s – The Ultimate Guide


You’ll be pleased to learn that it’s never too late to get fit. Something else that will make you a little happier is that getting fit when you’re middle-aged, will halve the risk of a stroke. If you’re already in the middle age of your life and feeling the need to get fit, the following guide will help you. It is possible to go from couch potato to fitness junkie and enjoy a healthier and more active life. Moderate exercise on a regular basis will also improve your thinking and memory skills, help with weight loss, relieve anxiety and boost your mood. With all those benefits waiting for you, here are some tips for getting fit in your 50s.

Start Slow

If you want to reduce the chance of injury, it is advisable to start slowly. You’re not going to be able to run a marathon when only a couple of days ago you struggled to walk across town. Start by increasing your activity levels and overloading your muscles a little at a time. You might want to begin by jogging to the shops, cycling short distances or using a cross trainer for a couple of minutes at a time. Weight machines are better than hand weights in the beginning, as long as there is someone able to show you how to use them. Swimming is another type of low-impact exercise to start off with.

Find Something That’s Fun

Jogging is not for everyone. Likewise, pounding weights at the gym may not be the best way for you to get fit. That being said, there is something for everyone. Pilates, Zumba classes, yoga, playing tennis, walking or running are just a few examples of the things you can do to keep fit. As well as training your body, think about training your mind as well. Training your brain will help to reverse or slow down the aging process.

Keep Your Body Properly Fueled

As well as regular exercise you’re also going to need to take care of what you put into it. The right fuel is important if you want a healthier, fitter body. That means a balanced diet, good nutrition, no junk food and not too much of anything. It should contain a balance of:

• Carbohydrates – grains, cereals, bread, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, pulses, dairy products and sugars.
• Fats – meat, fish, dairy products, oils and fats.
• Protein – meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds.
• Vitamins – in most of the foods we eat.
• Minerals – in plant-based foods.
• Water

If you’re struggling to eat a balanced diet, it is possible to take supplements. A range of different ones are available online. You can find the best Liposomal Vitamin C here, as well as a range of other vitamins and minerals.

Just because you’ve reached middle age, don’t think you’re over the hill and there’s nothing you can do to keep fit. This is, in fact, a great time of your life to start exercising and any exercising habits you learn now will keep you looking good well into the future.


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