5 Costume Ideas From Hollywood Celebrities You’ll Surely Love


When we head into the fall season and the 31st of October approaches, tension begins to hit the air. To most people, choosing the perfect Halloween costume is never an easy task. It requires creativity and in most cases, some inspiration. Well, perhaps you’ve tried dozens of costumes along the years already and you really want this one to be epic and a little different.

The good news is, you’ll always find the ideas and inspiration you’re looking for from Hollywood stars. Maybe you’re looking for a costume of your own or you’re brainstorming ideas for your better half. Do you want it spooky or silly? Or perhaps more of a sultry attire will do? Here are 5 costume ideas from Hollywood celebrities you’ll love.

1. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

The ultimate celebrity couple took up Marvel’s hero character costumes. Zayn dressed as Spiderman while his relationship partner, Gigi Hadid dressed up in Catwoman’s attire. From this, you can derive your outfit from any superhero character from any fictional movie like The Incredibles, Superman or Thor. This has been the most used way with which many young children and even grown-ups choose which costume to purchase for their upcoming Halloween festivals.

2. Jason Derulo’s Night King of the White Walkers

In one recent Halloween festival, the award-winning musician dressed up as the Night King of the White Walkers from the iconic TV show, The Game of Thrones. As unrecognizable as he was, the outfit still stood to be among the best Halloween outfits for that year. For a long while, Halloween costumes have been known to be mostly freaky and scary costumes and this Game of Thrones’ themed attire by Jason Derulo served him well for that year’s occasion. For those who love freaky costumes, you can take up Jason’s creativity and get attire from one scary movie that you know.

3. Black Panther Costume

If you watched marvel’s 2018 hit movie, higher chances are that you loved it. Some professional reviewers and marvel fans alike, actually suggest that it is the best all-time marvel superhero film made. The movie might have been made in an African setting in the great nation of Wakanda, but that doesn’t restrict you from rocking in the King of Wakanda’s costume. As a matter of fact, higher chances are that you’ll see quite a number of Hollywood male celebrities and their kids rocking the Black Panther costume this Halloween festival. Ruth E. Carter, Black Panther’s costume designer has been on the spotlight since the release of the movie to the theatres. No wonder she was nominated for the Oscar’s.

4. The Rock (as the Hulk)

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood today. The former WWE superstar never seems to miss an appearance in some of the best action and thriller movies almost year after year. If you happen to be a fan, you’ll agree to it that his most recent blockbuster movies such as Rampage 2018, and Jumanji 2017 were more than just entertaining. Especially if you’re a bit ripped or masculine, why not try his 2018 Halloween costume as the Hulk this year for a change.

5. Katy Perry’s Dancer-The shark

During one the musician’s performance, the singer was accompanied by two dancers who were dressed as sharks. While dancing, the Left Shark was seen to dance as if he/she did not have any clue about the intended dance routine while the right shark was happily dancing away to the tune of the musician’s song. As from this, one can buy any animal-based outfit for your Halloween festivities. For example, you can dress up as a lion, cat, monkey, dolphin or koala bear, etc.

There are dozens and even hundreds of possibilities when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. You only need to be creative and find something that suits the occasion. Make an awesome pick like the ones above and it’s all eyes on you come October 31st.


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