Dave Chappelle Trades Cigarettes for a Vape Pen


Since beginning his film career in 1993 as Ahchoo in Mel Brooks’ comedy special “Robin Hood: Men In Tights”, Dave Chappelle has distinguished himself both for his sketch comedy and for his stand-up comedy. While his first lead role was in 1998 in the comedy film “Half-Baked” and he also starred in the ABC TV series “Buddies”, he is perhaps most widely known for his sketch comedy on the TV series Chappelle’s Show.

People laughed hilariously while watching that show even though it only had a two-year run from 2003 to 2005. After the show was completed, Chappelle returned to his stand-up comedy roots. Although he again made people laugh hilariously, he unfortunately was just as well known for smoking like a chimney during his comedy acts. His career waned for about a 10-year period. However, of late, he has made a huge comeback. He has also made some very important health decisions.

Simply put, Dave Chappelle is now sporting a vape pen in place of his previous heavy smoking habit. The former Chappelle show star recently signed a contract with Netflix to do three specials for $20 million apiece. One of these shows was entitled, “Equanimity + the bird” and it was during this spot that Chappelle was spotted using the vape pen. Although it took several instances of rewinding back and forth, it was finally determined that that is what he was using, and Dave Chappelle has now inadvertently become a symbol for this safer way of utilizing tobacco.

Yes, Dave Chappelle is now a microcosm for the rise in popularity of vape pens. That’s right, it would strongly appear that Dave Chappelle has not only switched rituals, but he took up the JUUL pen, which is actually well regarded as one of the safest alternatives to cigarettes on the market today.

When did Dave Chappelle adopt this new, healthier alternative? He adopted it somewhere between the second and third installment of his Netflix special. Interestingly enough, there was even an obnoxious fan who asked him if he could have a hit of the vape pen. Chappelle responded in pure comedic fashion, saying hilariously that he had no interest in catching herpes from the man.

All joking aside, it definitely looks like Dave Chappelle has finally realized that he is not only being unhealthy when he smokes cigarettes on stage, but he is also setting a bad example for any youngsters that might be watching his show.

Of course, this all begs the question, “why did he pick the JUUL brand for his ecig option?” Well, he possibly did it for a number of reasons. Perhaps he picked this brand because he enjoys the high nicotine content that it offers. Perhaps he picked this brand because it is less likely to leak. Or perhaps he picked this brand simply because it is great for beginners. Either way, it isn’t just Dave Chappelle, who has figured out this brand is amazing for helping people quit the severe health risks of traditional cigarettes. Dave Chappelle might be the latest one to be turned on to it, but trust me, there will be other celebrities who follow suit!


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