The Perfect Bartending Guide for Beginners


Bartending is an incredibly exciting and rewarding career path in the hospitality industry. If you are about to kick off your first bartending job, then it is time for you to switch it up and get behind the bar for the first time. There is no need for you to get all sweaty as this is a fascinating career for you and we have some great tips that will help to boost your confidence and work behind the bar just like an experienced bartender.

1. Glasses will Break, and drinks will spill

As a bartender, you will be working in a fast-paced environment, and you will have to serve many customers while at the same time doing other chores like cleaning the glasses, wiping tables while mixing up cocktails. While you handle all these activities, there is a high probability that something will fall and break once in a while. The most vital thing for you to do is to handle the situation professionally; This means that you should clean it up efficiently and quickly and do not let the guest do it.

2. Know How to Pour Alcohol

Proper pouring of alcohol is a skill that you need to have if you want to be a great bartender who the managers and customers will love. Managers will need a bartender who does not pour too much alcohol which will end up costing them money. A great way to learn and improve your skill is searching for guides from experienced bartenders which you can just search online. Hey, how about you start with Bartending Barista if you want to sharpen up your alcohol pouring skills!

3. Be an expert in Drink Recipes

You need to be well knowledgeable on drinks recipes, and different cocktails as customers will often look for your guidance and expertise. It is crucial that you have an extensive knowledge on the menu in the bar that you work in and also the ingredients in each drink. It comes with practice with time as you continue studying the classics the customers will appreciate your even more.

4. Be social with your Customers but keep the conversations short

It is easy for you to find yourself engaged in too long conversations with your customers while you should be serving other customers. You should avoid this by keeping the conversation short. However, if the conversation keeps continuing you can tell the guest that you need to do something and you will be back or slowly walk backwards while talking with the guest until the conversation fades away. However, make sure that you come back and re-engage the conversation as it is vital that you keep your customers happy.

5. Have a good relationship with other Bartenders

As a new bartender, a good relationship between your and the other bartenders is essential. Make sure you do not stand in their way while at the bar as it gets busy. Be sure to learn from them on how they serve the customers and how things run behind the bar. Ask to help them in one way or another whenever you can help.

As exciting as bartending is, it is possible that you might be scared of your first day at work, but if you follow the tips we have talked about, everything should be fine for you. As a beginner, there is a lot for you to learn and it is crucial that you are always keen on what other experienced bartenders do behind the bar and improve yourself.


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