Old Spice Foamer: What You Need To “Nose”


Old Spice nose you and also nose what you need. That’s why the new She Nose Best campaign makes so much scents.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Paul, all body washes are the same. SHUT UP.” And to that I would say, “Listen hear friend – you have nose idea what you are talking about.”

This body wash is a literal FOAM, not to be confused with FOMA, or fear of missing out. But if you don’t try the new foamer product form Old Spice, you will never nose what you are missing snout on. It feels completely unlike a gel body wash, which can leave your body feeling gross, like there’s layers of stuff on your prized epidermis. It seriously looks and feels like this:

It feels surprisingly light on your skin and lasts for hours. I used it all over my body and the scent and fresh feeling stayed, while the grimy left over feeling never occurred, which raised my overall smelf-confidence.

By now you nose that Old Spice always beings the heat when it comes to commercials. This one is cool because the girl is hot:

“Old Spice knows the influence that women have on men in their important life decisions, including choosing grooming regimens that have him smelling and looking his best,” said Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice Associate Brand Director at Procter & Gamble.

“With our new ad campaign, Old Spice shows how she ‘nose’ best. In true Old Spice humor, we’re spotlighting the great – and sometimes ridiculous – lengths women go to while achieving extraordinary things together like landing a plane or traversing a mountain … and smelling better with Old Spice’s full grooming line-up.”

The directions are simple, like your caveman-like brain. Shake it. Dispense it. Massage into wet skin. Rinse off. Start making deals, man.

Old Spice leads the league in in-shower innovation, and can’t wait to shower with you.


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