5 Must-Have Car Features For The Frequent Traveler


As you are planning to own another car, you should be researching about the features it should have. How often you use your car, when you drive, your budget and the features your old car had are some of the things that can determine the features your next car will have.

Your next car should have these 5 extraordinary modern features:

1. Automatic lock

Modern cars have proximity sensors which detect the car key and unlocks the door. This is important especially when your car keys are in your pocket or handbag and you’ve got a shopping bag in your hands or other items. You may still have to struggle a little to open the door but is much easier when you have got an automatic lock.

2. Automatic headlights/wipers

Automatic headlights and wipers will boost your safety when driving especially if the weather is unpredictable. The headlights and wipers turn on and off automatically at the most appropriate time. It is a common occurrence for drivers to forget turning the lights on entirely while driving or doing it at the wrong time. If you have such a problem, this is a car feature you should have in your next car. Also, if you forget turning the headlights off in the car park, you might drain your battery causing more problems when driving.

3. Heated seats

This is an important feature for people who live in cold areas or areas that have cold seasons. There are cars that have heated seats and steering wheel but they are quite expensive. However, if you would like to feel comfortable, you should consider having heated seats for the car to heat itself before you start driving. If you live in hot areas, this might not be necessary because temperatures are a bit high and you might not need to heat your car.

4. Apple Carplay/ Android AutoIt

Is illegal in some states/countries to use your mobile phone while driving. Your license can be suspended or get heavy fines because you are endangering yourself and other road users. Therefore, when buying a vehicle, you should buy a car that supports Apple Carplay and/or Android Auto. This is important because you will remove the need to touch your smartphone. You will benefit from satellite navigation, your WhatsApp messages will be read out, sending voice notes and making phone calls. Furthermore, through Bluetooth connectivity, you can make/receive calls without touching your device and in some vehicles, text messages can be read to you. If you would like to know more about your car, the features it has or it can support, digmyride.com is a site that can help you gather vital information that will help you make the right choice.

5. Park distance control

If you have park distance control and a reverse camera, it is quite easy to park your car regardless of its size. With the two devices, you don’t have to be worried about how close you are to the wall or other cars because all you’ve to do is stare at the screen on your dashboard and listen to the beeps.

Although these are must-have features, car owners have different preferences and taste depending on where they live and the cars they drive. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the car feature you need after researching well.


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