Piece by Piece: How jigsaw puzzles can be good for your mental health


Mental health problems are very common. At least one out of five people experience mental health problems in their lifetime. About one in ten young people undergo depression and one in twenty-five live and have to deal with mental problems as bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia daily. Suicide is the number ten cause of deaths in the 21st century and the incidents keep on increasing as days go by. Most people are not even aware of when they get to this dark point of their life. Life is moving so fast, everything never seems to work right, social media platforms are full of people living the best of their lives but in reality, they are very lonely and suffering in silence.

A lot of factors contribute to mental health problems. Biological factors such as genetics and brain chemistry, Trauma and abuse and family history are some of what makes people vulnerable to mental health problems. Each and every one of us has either experienced depression, have a family member, friend or relative suffer mental breakdowns and problems. The World Health Organization has October 10th of every year dedicated to World Mental Health Day. The UK has the Mental Health Awareness Week between 14 and 20th May. The purpose of the days and weeks are to educate and create awareness on mental health.

Most cognitive activities can solve mental health problems. Unfortunately, most of them are very expensive, digitally operated; cannot be used by everyone and some need a large group to be effective which in most cases logistically impossible. Solving jigsaws is a cheaper, intrinsically motivating and a practical alternative. Solving jigsaws keeps the mind occupied and engaged.

Once the mind is engaged, you will feel much more relaxed and in the process release all the unhealthy emotions. Completing jigsaws engage the brain leading to the production of endorphins to enhance your mood and give an avenue for you to channel energy from cortisol stress hormone so that your body can relax better. It also improves the brain, eye and hand coordination for kids. At The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store we care about your mental health and want to encourage people to start solving puzzles. We have a variety of creative and unique puzzles for kids and adults too. Our jigsaw puzzles can also be very thoughtful gifts to friends and relatives.

The social media platform is a home for lonely and depressed people, but instead of getting relief off life stressors, going through social media can be a source of anxiety and feelings of failure especially if you feel your peers are doing better in their lives than you. A good way to get away from unnecessary anxiety and feelings of self-resentment is keeping you engaged in solving and completing puzzles. The best thing about them is that it can be a fun solo leisure activity or can be completed as a group. That gives you a reason to never be lonely. Invite a friend over for a jigsaw puzzles solving night; a good excuse to have company over. We welcome you to our jigsaw puzzles store. We do deliveries across the UK and overseas and we feature puzzles from the quality board and games manufacturers like the Gibsons Jigsaws.


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