How To Thrive After You Go Through A Divorce


Most people think that going through a divorce is challenging but for many, the real challenges start after the divorce is over. Thriving after the divorce is not as easy as you may think. The emotional roller coaster that you will go through will be tough for you and your loved ones. This is why you should consider the advice offered by divorce lawyer Joshua Harshberger to help you better deal with this important moment in life.

Treasure Yourself

During the divorce it is really easy to end up forgetting who you really are. You need to think about yourself and what unique gifts you have. This is when you basically have to figure out what you really like and do not like about your life. Start off by setting new intentions. List your qualities and then, whenever you feel down, read them out loud. Focusing on yourself should be a true priority after the divorce.

Set Aside Ten Minutes Every Day

Grieving is quite common after and during the divorce. This feeling is actually really similar to when you lose someone you love. Most people want to stay really busy after the divorce in order to practically avoid what they feel. This is not a good idea since you are postponing something you need to deal with: the actual grieving process.

A solution to this problem is to practically set aside ten minutes every day for you to do something for you. This can initially be really simple, like reading or walking. Just give yourself the permission to do something for you. It will make you happier and you will get over the divorce much faster.

Letting Go

One of the big problems after a divorce is that people hold on to bitterness and regrets. This stops people from actually moving forward. When you are surrounded by “if onlys” and “what ifs”, you remain stuck. While it is normal to be stuck for some time, it is not meant to be forever. You want to move your life towards the future so you have to acknowledge feelings. After the divorce you have to learn how to live again so focus on what you gain from what you do. Is it helping you move on? If not, you have to let go of the feelings.


After the divorce you need to deal with various extra responsibilities. For instance, being a single parent can easily make you remain way too focused on just the child, as opposed to on you and the child. It is so commonly seen that the parent ends up too stressed after the divorce. This can only lead to huge problems you do not want to be faced with. The best thing you can do is to lighten-up and to look for ways in which you can do this.
Always be true to yourself and if necessary, talk with a psychologist to help you better deal with your life after the divorce. This will help so much more than what you may think right now.


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