8 Reasons To Have A Hobby


Children tend to have lots of hobbies. This isn’t always their own idea; their parents will have signed them up to all sorts of classes both in and out of school because it is something that parents know is good for their kids. Eventually, one or two of these hobbies might be the favorite, and they are the ones that can be focused on. If we’re lucky, we’ll find something we love to do as children and be able to bring that hobby with us into adult life too.

However, this doesn’t always happen. As life gets busier and things such as college and work get in the way, those hobbies can be forgotten. Yet having at least one hobby to enjoy as an adult is something that is actually good for us, so if you can keep up with your one-time favorite thing to do, it can benefit you greatly. Here are some of the reasons why.

You Can Make Friends

Although some hobbies are solo activities, many others – especially sports – are carried out with other people, sometimes even a specific team. Even if the hobby you have chosen is something that you do on your own, that doesn’t mean you can’t still meet up with people who have similar interests. Either way, having a hobby is a great way to make friends and meet new people.

If you find that you are feeling lonely, why not take a look in your local newspaper or online to find out what classes and groups are taking place nearby? You might even find something that you hadn’t thought of before, and if all goes well, this could easily become something you love enough to do regularly and call a habit.

Your Self-Esteem Will Grow

There may be things in your life that you’re not happy about; you could dislike your job or you feel that you’ve lost your way in your relationship, for example. These problems can really have a negative impact on your self-esteem, pushing you down and making it difficult for you to try new things and see opportunities even when they are in front of you.

A hobby can change all of that because it can boost your confidence again. The more you do your hobby, the better at it you will be, and as you see these gradual improvements, you will feel better about yourself and your abilities, and your self-esteem will grow. When that happens, you will often find that you can more easily tackle any other problems in your life as well.

You Will Feel Less Stressed

Stress is a major issue for many people, and far from just being something that is quick and easy to deal with, chronic stress can even lead to physical ailments such as raised blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. A hobby is your chance to relax and just focus on what you are doing. Even if that only happens for a little while once a week, it can help to reduce your stress levels, making you happier and healthier. You will also sleep more peacefully if you are less stressed, and this can also help to make you feel better both mentally and physically.

You Can Do It

The point of a hobby is that you don’t have to be an expert in it to enjoy it, whatever it may be. So there really is no stopping you if you want to try something. Some hobbies are more expensive than others, but if that is the case you can get a loan so that you can at least get started, and as you progress and that loan is paid off, you can potentially upgrade your equipment as you see fit.

Choose something that interests you rather than something you have a natural affinity for (unless one hobby works for both of those options) and you will enjoy it a lot more.

You Won’t Be Bored

If you have a hobby to fall back on, you won’t feel bored and that’s a good thing. When you are bored you can easily fall into a routine that makes you depressed and perhaps even anxious. These mental health issues can become extremely serious and will affect your day to day life immeasurably. Simply by having a hobby to enjoy instead of sitting at home feeling bored can stop that problem from occurring, saving you a lot of upset and misery.

You Won’t Be Boring

People who only go to work and then come home and watch TV before starting the process all over again may not be the life and soul of the party. If you want to be more interesting then you need to have something interesting to talk about, and it should be something you have a passion for as well, as this will come across in the way you talk about it. Having a hobby means you always have that something to talk about, and that helps you to develop an interesting personality as well as getting the reputation as an expert in your field.

You Will Be More Youthful

Although it’s true that there are many different factors in play when it comes to how quickly we age, hobbies can certainly help keep the brain active, and the more active your brain is, the more youthful you will be. That doesn’t mean having a hobby will prevent grey hairs and wrinkles, but it does mean that your brain will be working better as you age.

Seniors without making (or any) interests are at risk of aging faster, even if they aren’t technically very old. Simple sitting around and doing nothing will cause the body and brain to slow down, and this can be a problem for your health and your happiness.

You’ll Have A Different Perspective

When you have a hobby, you will be learning new things. It could be anything from a new language to how to paint, and what it is isn’t as important as doing it in the first place. The more you learn, the better understanding you will have of other people’s points of view, and that is important when it comes to being an interesting, well-rounded individual.


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