Most Common Accidents That Happen At Concerts


Millions of dollars are spent every single year by Americans that go to concerts. These events can happen in various different venues, ranging from the local club to stadiums or huge open spaces. Most concerts are completely safe and no incident will happen. However, this does not mean there are not thousands that end up injured while going to a concert. It is always better to be safe and be aware of what could go wrong. That is why an experienced personal injury attorney in Springfield IL shares the most common accidents that happen at concerts.

As concerts are usually held in places that are filled with different people, the concert accidents that often happen are:

• Escalator accidents
• Slip and falls
Projectile hits
• Pyrotechnic accidents
• Seat collapses

Unfortunately, in many cases a concert accident is the result of some sort of human negligence or error. The main causes identified are:

• Not having proper safety plans
• Adequate security lacks
• Defective equipment
• Not being able to clean up spills
• Bad building maintenance
• Proper lighting lacks

You can get hurt in various ways at a concert, with numerous injuries that could happen. The really common concert injuries are going to affect your head, neck, eyes, back, brain and spinal cord. Then, it is also possible to end up with ligaments, tendons or muscles that are strained, sprained, ripped and torn, lacerations, burns and even broken bones.

After Getting Injured

It is important to know exactly what should be done after an injury is sustained. The one thing that is highly important is to get the appropriate medical attention as soon as possible. Usually, concert venues have some pretty rudimentary first aid facilities available. If the injury is serious, you do need to go to an emergency room or at least call an ambulance, if it is not already available on-site.

Whenever medical needs do not stand out as being urgent, medical evaluations are still necessary. Visit your doctor after 1 or 2 days. There are different injuries, like those affecting the back or the brain, that do not leave many symptoms after the concert accident. The doctor is going to perform various different tests in order to identify any potential injury that may be hidden.

It is quite important to be checked soon in order to deal with those problems that appeared. The sooner you do so, the higher the possibility of a fast recovery! In addition, if you go to the doctor you get the documentation that may be necessary in the even the injury was caused by the negligence or actions of someone else. Although it might not be in the back of your mind as you are going to a concert to have fun, personal injury claims might be required.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that the possibility of you ending up injured when you attend a concert is quite low. However, this does not mean that it cannot happen. It is really important that you are prepared and that you react fast.


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