5 Signs it is Time to Change Your Vape Coils


There are certainly ways to make your vape coils last longer. Priming them before you start vaping, avoiding burnt or dry hits, and cleaning them on a regular basis will certainly help. However, vape coils are not designed to last forever. You will need to replace them. Replacement times vary from a couple of weeks to once a month depending on how much you vape.

When it is time to replace those coils, you can order a variety of types online at sites like VapeWild, and they often have guides to help you get the right coils for your brand and style of vape.

You should definitely try to preserve them and not change coils too often. Beginning vape users often change coils too often, costing them time and money and wasting resources. In order to avoid this, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the signs that your coils actually need to be replaced. Here are five of those signs.

You Experience Burnt Taste

The most common sign associated with a bad coil is that you will experience a burnt taste in your vapor regardless of what kind of e-liquid you are using. if you catch it early enough, cleaning your vape coils might do the trick, but more than likely by this stage you need to simply replace the coil.

The issue is that if you don’t do so in time, vaping with a burnt coil can cause damage to the the rest of your vape, costing you even more money in the long run. When things start to taste burnt, replace your coils as soon as possible.

When Your E-liquid Tastes Wrong

While burnt taste is a common indicator, so is the fact that sometimes your e-liquid just tastes a bit off. If you are vaping a flavored liquid and not tasting those flavors, there is something wrong, and you need to figure out what it is. In many cases, replacing an old coil will do the trick.

Sometimes rather than not tasting the flavor of your e-liquid, you will experience a lingering flavor instead. Typically during the life of a coil, it has been used to vape one flavor of e-liquid. If you switch to a new one and still taste the flavor of the old one, your coils are probably too old to salvage, although cleaning may help.

Essentially if your coils are clean and your vape still does not taste right, you probably need to replace them.


A worn coil is not the only reason for a leaking vape. Sometimes worn O-rings or an overfilled tank can cause the same symptom. However, the issue is often related to a coil that is just flat worn out.

The key at this point is to take apart your vape and inspect it. Clean the coils and examine them closely. If they are worn, replacing them can solve the leaking issue before it becomes a bigger one.

Hearing Gurgling

A gurgling sound when you vape is another indicator of a worn coil, although again a coil may not be the only cause of gurgling. Air leaks and other issues can cause the same thing, but replacing the coil is the first step to make sure that is not the cause.

If you have been using the same coil for a few weeks, and you get the gurgling sound, install a new one to see if that does the trick. if it does not, you might have other issues in play.

Your Coils are Old

Again, coils are not intended to last forever, and if you are a heavy vape user, you may need to replace them as often as once a week. Most vapers can get two weeks to a month from their coils, but much longer than that and you are really pushing the limits. You will get to know your cycle, and how often you have to replace coils. Simply learn to do so on a regular basis.


Yes, coils do get old or damaged and need replacing. The key is to constantly be on the lookout for the signs of worn coils and replace them as soon as you sense anything wrong. That will make your vaping experience better and enable all of your equipment to last longer.


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