Cigar Humidors


With the advancement in technology, the smoking of cigars has become even innoxious. Today you will find refined cigar storage equipment called humidors. The ugly truth is that the flavor and elegance of tobacco won’t remain intact for life. If you don’t store your cigar properly, its outer covering will break down compromising its quality. For this reason, humidors have been designed to keep the cigars in top shape for many years. Consider the following pointers if you wish to buy the best humidor.


Humidors come in different sizes, styles as well as price ranges. You don’t need to part with an arm and a leg to find a high-end humidor that will keep your cigars fresh. A nice glass top humidor that comes with a temperature control feature will cost you less than $ 100. Those that include the humidity control characteristic will cost a lot more. If you don’t have much to spend, it’s advisable to get the smallest humidor with high-quality hallmarks.


Before you part with your cash buying a humidor, you should go through client reviews to make sure you get value for the cash that you spend. If you do a thorough research, you will come across the best cigar humidor reviews online without much struggle. The reviews will give you a rough idea of what those who have tried out the humidors think about their performance.

Cedar Lining

The humidor that you purchase must come with a cedar lining. The cedar wood lining plays a major role in regulating the humidity as well as the air flow in the device. Metallic or plastic humidors come with excellent humidifying agents. However, they won’t do a good job as those that come with a cedar wood lining. Without any doubt, a cedar humidor will make your cigars smell great. And that is not all. It will maintain their temperature and humidity.


After purchasing your humidor, you must buy a hygrometer and calibrate it. It will help you in checking the humidity levels in the humidor. You can install a digital hygrometer either inside or outside the humidor for quick access. Avoid analog hygrometers because you have to calibrate them and make sure they are giving the correct reading before using them.


The other thing that you need to put into consideration is the size of the humidor. The wideness of a humidor will tell you how many cigars it can hold at a go. If you smoke several cigars in a day then you should go for a bigger humidor because it will hold several cigars once.


You must also consider the design of the humidor. It’s true that some people are more bothered with the design of the humidor. Get a humidor with something that will attract you. Avoid forcing yourself into things you dislike. Select a humidor that comes with your style.

Humidors will both the humidity and temperature of your cigars constant. With the pointers as mentioned above in mind, you will make a sound decision.


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