No, Don’t Get Up – New Software Combines Tickets, Food, Service and Everything Else Into Your Smartphone


When the Minnesota Vikings opened U.S. Bank Stadium in 2016 I couldn’t wait to go and see an NFL game there. The architecture was beautiful and it was truly an amazing structure. But more than the game or the structure, I remember the experience of spending literally the entire third quarter (not hyperbole) in line for food. What’s worse is that based on the placement of the concession stand, the food line extended into the men’s restroom line; which flooded the concourse in every sense.

Whenever anyone asks me about my experience at the stadium, I tell them this story. Because for all of the money and time spent on creating an amazing in-game fan experience, and for all the money and time I spent to be there, they failed miserably.

What if this could be avoided? What if you never had to leave your seat for concessions or anything else offered at a venue? What if you could enjoy the experience you paid to attend and have people and services, cater to your needs?

Kerauno Communication has developed the tools to make this an every day, every event reality.  Andretti Autosport named Kerauno as its official Communications Workflow provider for the 2018 IndyCar season, a partnership aimed at helping Andretti deliver a next-generation the fan experience.

By synchronizing all communications channels (text, voice, email, chat and social) within Kerauno’s category-defining platform, the intelligent algorithms leverage actionable analytics to predict behavioral traits of fans, to enhance everyday interactions. The investment is a mile marker for how digital transformation is taking hold within the sports industry, and helping teams reach a new generation of fans regardless of device, channel or platform.

What is a communications workflow platform and how does it work? Kerauno’s system has taken the clunky, sometimes difficult to use functionality of an app and synthesized it via a user experience platform created to be used and accessed on smartphones in real time.

The Andretti organization is using Kerauno technology throughout the 2018 racing season to amplify and streamline hospitality interactions within the guest services department and deliver a more complete and enjoyable fan experience.

“Sports brands, franchises, hospitality organizations and venues are entering a new era.  An era of customers and fans that expect technology driven convenience,” said Josh Ross, CEO of Kerauno. “They are seeking a platform that energizes the fan experience while delivering better outcomes and revenue.

“With Kerauno, we allow the teams, franchises, hospitality orgs or venues the opportunity to engage their clients, fans and sponsors where they are…their mobile devices.  There are no apps to download; we interact through text, voice, or email messages about game times, lineups, seating charts, ticket information.”

Here’s how it works:  Imagine being at a game or sporting event and you receive CPU code voucher that you can redeem at the food vendors at the event you’re attending. Then you order your food online, still via your phone with no app.  When your food is ready you receive a simple text: “Your food is ready at station 2.” You get up, and get your food and that’s it. No standing in a long line, missing the event you are there to attend. That’s just one example of one application.

Ross continued. “We also deliver fun quizzes, history questions, and have the key players/drivers engage with the fans on autograph session times, event call backs or itineraries for event happenings.”

Why do some venues still use paper tickets? Why do venues still hand out flyers? Why is everything inconvenient when you spend a ton of hard earned money to have a great experience?

Instead of using multiple apps to deliver individual pieces of functionality, the Kerauno platform combines everything into a single tool. Which leads to ease of use and seamlessness that fans want, while bettering the experience of customers, fans, and sponsors.  Kerauno exists to improve the experience for fans, vendors, and venues alike.

Kerauno is also the primary sponsor on the #98 Kerauno/CURB Honda driven by Marco Andretti, as well as the #27 Kerauno/Military to Motorsports Honda with Alexander Rossi in the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park on Monday April 23rd.

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