3 Things You Need to Know Before Adding New Gadgets to Your Car


Big car-mod cultures can be found in almost every part of the world. There is something about adding accessories, new gadgets, and modifications to a car that’s really exciting. Car modifications also give you a lot of room for personalization; you can even take your car to new heights with the right mods.

Naturally, the best mods will only work when they are installed properly. There is a lot of gadgets and accessories you can add to your car, but before you embark on your own car modification project, here are the top three things you need to know about car mods.

Check and Recheck

Planning is an important part of modifying your car. You can’t just add a set of big speakers and multiple LCD screens without making changes to the car’s electrical system. Adding a big turbocharge to a small engine is not a very good idea either.

Before plunging into the modding scene, think about what a new gadget or a modification will do to the rest of the car. Do you need to improve the wiring? Does the car has a big-enough battery to support a large audio system? These details matter.

Writing Is Everything

When you’re adding gadgets to the car, the wiring is a big part of the process. New gadgets need to be wired properly for them to work as advertised. Proper wiring is also important because it will determine the lifespan of those gadgets you’re adding as well as the car itself. There have been many cases of cars bursting into flames due to a wiring mistake; you don’t want that to happen to your car, do you?

There are two ways you can connect wires to the main electrical system of the car. If it is a gadget that you’re adding permanently, then you need to do proper soldering when connecting the wires. You also want to seal those soldered wires with sufficient insulation, preferably using a heat-shrink tubing that’s thick enough.

Alternatively, you can use terminals to connect accessories you want to be able to remove later. You still need to solder wires to male-female connectors for the system to work, so read through some soldering information and learn how to do it properly. Oh, and one more thing: choose wires suitable for the current that will be running through them.

Keep It Tidy

Last but not least, don’t rush things when modifying your car. Sure, adding a dashboard camera is simple; you just need to install the camera, plug it in for some power, and it will work. However, you’ll end up with wires everywhere and you risk accidentally tearing those wires or breaking the device completely.

Run wires through the intended channels. Every car has a wiring layout and there are diagrams that you can download to learn about the layout of your car. You will have to open some panels to hide the new wires; some wiring channels are insulated too, so you get extra protection in the process.

Remember these tips and modifying your car will be a blast. You can add new tech and boost the performance of the car without any risk of breaking it.


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