Dating Tips You Need To Know


Most of us have dated. And most of us have had at least one date where we’d have failed to make a good impression. However, if you have been getting it wrong over and over again, and are really nervous about the next date, no worries. Follow the easy tips that are given below to make a win at your date.

Do equal share of talking

There are two kinds of people- one who do the talking and one who only listen. You should be the third kind of person- person who talks and lets the date talk as well. The first meeting is about creating an impression. So, your date should not feel like you are dominating or too passive. This is why talk as well as make the person with you talk too.

Talk about what you like

When you are meeting someone for the first time, don’t bring up the “I hate this” conversation. There are chances that you hate beetles but your date is a crazy fan. There are differences and people accept them, but not in the first meeting. When people meet for the first time, they rather count similarities instead of wanting to compromise. This is why; take forward the conversation on the basis of similar interests. Even when you are talking on a dating app, you should avoid conversations that you give off a negative vibe.

Don’t use your phone

Date is the time when you should be devoting all your attention to the person sitting in front of you. You should be making the person feel important. However, if you use your phone, it gives an impression that you are not interested in your date. This will push back any chances of you meeting your date for the second time.

Don’t talk about your ex

When you talk about your ex on a date, it makes the conversation very uncomfortable. Even if you keep repeating you are over him/her, it doesn’t seem much like it. Your date might feel you are still not over your past relationship and scratch your name off the list.

Ask your date where he/she wants to go

When you decide a place, make it a mutual decision. You shouldn’t end up taking your date to a place he/she doesn’t like. This is why you should be planning mutually when deciding the place of meeting.

Exhibit confidence

When you talk to your date, you should maintain an eye contact. This is a clear sign of you being confident. People are attracted more towards confident people. While talking on a dating app is easy, confidence cannot be measured there. However when you actually meet someone, you will be assessed if you are confident enough or not.

Have a light hearted conversation

First date is a very wrong occasion to bring up way too serious conversations. Try to talk about things that wouldn’t cause the other person to be extremely emotional or angry. Talk about general things and avoid being too specific. Even if you land up talking about something sensitive, shift the topic tactfully to something more general. Totally avoid any kind of arguments.


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