Play the slots that casinos don’t want you to play


The struggle at online casinos is real. There are tons, and tons, and tons of games available for you to choose from. For a new casino gamer, it is pure lunacy, when you think about it. How are you supposed to know what games to play when you can have to choose between hundreds of titles?

The online casino website Dreamz have worked out a solution that allows you to find the very best games in the world today. It might take some studying and work, but it will most definitely be well worth it! However, keep in mind, this is not strategy that makes you win every time you play, it’s merely a guide to increase your chances.

Do this

You know how most online casinos will give you some sort of a welcome bonus when you sign up? What you might not know is that most of these casinos will want to limit the number of games that you can play with said bonus money.

Why do online casinos place restrictions on their own games selection? This is simply because there are some slots out there that just so happen to have an exceptionally high return to player. This means that when playing these games, you can expect to win more than you would at some of the games that you are indeed allowed to play.

We suggest that you take a look at some of the restricted games’ lists at online casinos. This way you will soon run into names the games that are most lucrative in terms of winning money. And while you cannot play these certain games at the said casino while using your bonus, other casinos might not have the same restrictions. Furthermore, if you are not playing with a bonus, you can choose any game that you want. This is when you should definitely favour games that have the highest possible RTPs.

Always keep your eyes open

While we encourage you to generally stick to games that might end up on the restricted list at some casinos, there are other ways of choosing a great slot machine as well. Namely, you can usually find the games’ RTPs somewhere in the in-game instructions. Whenever a slot goes above 96.5% with its return, you really know that you are getting your money’s worth. If the percentage stays below this, you might want to pick some other title from the hundreds available.

Have fun and play responsibly

As stated in the beginning, this is merely a guide to increase your chances, not a bulletproof strategy to beat the casino. Playing at an online casino is based on pure luck. You should never play for more money than you can afford to lose. Aim to have fun and play responsibly!


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