Surprising Ways to Take the Edge of Stress


Everyone knows that all-too-familiar feeling – suddenly, the day isn’t as bright, or the nights darker than they should be. Work feels like it’s taking several more hours than normal, and you can’t help but feel like something’s out to get you. The name of the culprit is stress, and everyone’s experienced it at one point or another. Many people make a habit of trying anything and everything they can to alleviate stress, whether in the workplace or at home, with varying degrees of success.

There are a few unorthodox ways, however; surprising methods that nonetheless take the edge of stress. You’ve probably already heard of many different ways of alleviating this particular condition, but have you ever heard of using a platform like Coral Bookmaker to ease stress? The distraction of playing a game can be soothing. Here are just a few other methods that might surprise you.

Practicing gratefulness can be a surprising stress-reliever

This first method is something that many people might find strange, especially given the fact that forcing ourselves to be grateful about what we have is often a stressful endeavor on its own. The trick here however lies in the method of which you do so. After all, putting things into perspective can have some pretty remarkable effects. Simply take it slow, and tell yourself how things could be worse – that what’s happening isn’t as bad as it seems. It’s a slow going process, but you’ll find this to be a far more calming method than you might think.

Have you tried figuring out what causes you the most stress?

Another excellent and surprising method to help you keep looming stress at bay, you’ll find that making a list of the things that are producing the most stress could be instrumental in helping ease the stress away. You can craft a list of the top five or even ten things that you think might be causing you stress, and the fact that you’re putting things into perspective will help take the edge off.

Try to inflate a balloon, or chew gum

What does blowing up a balloon or chewing gum have to do with easing stress? Surprisingly enough, blowing up a balloon not only lowers anxiety levels, but it’s also amusing for the people around you to watch. Blowing a balloon also forces you to take deep breaths, which is normally a great exercise for alleviating stress. Chewing gum, on the other hand, has similar effects, as medical studies have shown that people who chewed gum regularly tend to have lower levels of anxiety overall.

To conclude, the methods above are not only effective, but they’re quite easy to do as well. While stress can no doubt be difficult to handle, it’s nowhere near impossible. No matter which you choose, these are most definitely guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


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