8 Signs That Your Wife is Cheating on You


Sometimes you know when your wife is cheating on you, but other times it comes as a complete surprise. One study found that nearly one-fifth of all women have admitted to cheating on their current partners while another journal discovered a whopping 55% of married women have engaged in an affair at one time. Here are the top eight signs to look for when you suspect your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you.

Change in appearance – Nothing should catch your attention faster than a change or huge improvement in her appearance. Is she spending more on new clothes? Keeping her hair and nails looking their best where before she didn’t care? Appearances will approve when there is someone else she is trying to impress; don’t overlook any changes in personal hygiene or if she is now spending way more money on her appearance then she did previously.

Change in schedule – maybe she’s working a lot more than she used to. Maybe suddenly she has more business trips scheduled than ever before. Look at her calendar more closely to see if her normal behavior patterns have a reason for the change. Sometimes it may just be an increase in actual work, but people are normally creatures of habit – keep an eye on her daily schedule.

Overly possessive of her cell phone – Our cell phones now manage our lives, and this is no truer then when a spouse has something to hide. Whereas normal couples tend to not care if someone looks at their phones, someone who is cheating may begin guarding theirs like a lion. Ask your spouse if there is a reason for this new behavior or if they are just afraid that you might change their favorite settings.

Doesn’t get mad anymore – We can tell a lot by what a spouse ISN’T saying. Did she always tend to fuss when you left your dirty dishes on the counter and now she doesn’t say a word? Perhaps she always had a jealous streak but now she seems silent if you go out with the boys. If she’s not emotionally engaged anymore, she may no longer have a reason to feel any emotion toward you at all. Emotional distance may be a sign that she’s cheating.

Increased cash withdrawals – The ATM might be the key to finding out if your wife is having an affair. An increase in cash withdrawals as well as withdrawals from different or out-of-the-way locations than her usual ATM may indicate she’s up to something. “It’s easier to cheat with cash, since aren’t any paper trails,” says New York private investigator Darrin Giglio.

Cleared history – If your wife is clearing her computer, tablet, or cell phone history more frequently than usual, this may be a warning sign that she’s been cheating or plans to cheat. Also deleting emails and emptying the trash just as quick may be another telltale sign. The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to cheat, so be aware of her regular usage patterns and if those change.

Changes in physical intimacy – this could mean MORE sex or LESS sex, or it could mean more or less of the usual amount of physical intimacy you are accustomed to (this includes holding hands, snuggling, etc.) in your relationship. If what’s been normal for you as a couple has changed in any way – not excluding reasons such as illness, trauma, or the like – then you might take a closer look at the changes in your intimacy levels. For some women, it means they are being satisfied somewhere else and no longer seek it in your arms.

Sudden need for privacy – Does your wife suddenly take all her calls behind closed doors? Is she more sensitive about keeping her cell phone with her at all times? Perhaps she’s going places by herself now instead of inviting you to come along. If she suddenly has a greater need for privacy, this may mean that she’s cheating on you so be aware of any changes in her behavior.


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