Top five fitness tips for men


If you are making the time to work out and get fit, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of every minute. Good fitness is a necessary task in everyday life but, getting and staying fit is one of the biggest challenges for men.

What people forget is that it isn’t just the condition of your body you need to think about but also your mind. Good fitness will make you feel much better about yourself and keep you stress-free while also raising your inner strength.

It doesn’t matter what type of physical activity you are participating in – we have put together the best fitness tips for men that apply to different exercises and workouts.

Find a friend

Find yourself a friend who is as serious about keeping fit as you are. You can motivate one another to do workouts and provide company so that it doesn’t get boring. It can also add a little bit of friendly competition allowing you to push yourself and feel challenged. Working out with a friend will make you work harder while reaching your fitness goals.

Identify the exact workouts you need

You might not always have the time to go to the gym and although it is a great place to exercise and strengthen those muscles you can actually get fit no matter where your location is. Stand in front of a full body mirror and analyse yourself, see what you need to train and what workouts you need.

Something to bear in mind when putting your workouts together, chilly temperatures can turn unwanted fat into fat that actually burns those unwanted calories. So you might want to consider swapping your inside treadmill jog for an outside run.

Set different workout routines

You don’t want to be doing the same exercises throughout the whole month. What you should do is divide the month into two and set different routines for each. This means you will have two different workout routines a month, boosting concentration on different parts of your body.


● Day one: Leg and shoulder
● Day two: Chest and triceps
● Day three: Back and biceps
● Day four: Abs
● Day five: Rest

Continue your cycle and customise the routine as you wish.

Be strict with your meals – have a balanced diet, no sweets, no sugary drinks

You should be eating a variety of foods when it comes to exercising and in order to get fit you should be eating the proper amount of food from each of the six food groups. These are:

● Vegetables
● Fruits
● Grains
● Proteins
● Dairy
● Oils

Eating the right food will help your body grow and get fit fast but try not to over consume. Have a balanced diet with the adequate levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. Also, remember your important meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To be a fit man you need to care about what it is you are eating and drinking. A sugary drink will contain around 150 calories and almost all of that comes from sugar. If you can’t battle those food cravings, you are also more than likely consuming too much sugar through snacking. If you’re still not convinced about giving up sugary, fizzy drinks, read this article on the Telegraph.

Healthy drinks you should be drinking: Cranberry juice, orange juice or Aloe Vera juice.

Snacks that are good for you: Mixed Nuts, Greek Yoghurts, Celery, Kale chips, Dark Chocolate.

Stay motivated

Last but not certainly not least, stay motivated! These steps might not be easy and you will have some setbacks but that is normal and there is no reason it should put you off.

Look at yourself in the mirror, observe how you look, check out your improved tone and physique and your results. Don’t be disheartened if it’s not instant or the results you wanted, just be patient and don’t give up on yourself. Recognise the goals you have met and admire your achievements.

Don’t ever give up and remember to reward yourself for your efforts.


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