Exploring the Top Celebrities That Owe Money to the IRS


In the United States, celebrities are often placed on pedestals. People believe that celebrities are perfect and could possibly do no wrong. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, celebrities frequently get themselves into trouble and make themselves look like complete fools. In fact, there are tons of celebrities that have ultimately found themselves in terrible debt. Would you be surprised to learn that many Hollywood celebrities now own money to the IRS? Within this article, you’ll take a look at some of the celebrities that still owe the Internal Revenue Service.

Mary J. Blige

There is a pretty good chance that you’re heard of Mary J. Blige. This singer has become incredibly popular over the past few years. Nevertheless, Blige has managed to get herself into hot water with the state of New Jersey and hit with a $900,000 tax lien. In 2013, it was revealed that Mary J. Blige and her husband had been hit with a $3.4 million federal tax lien in New Jersey. Even worse was the fact that she had already defaults on more than $2 million in bank loans. It just goes to show that even singers can wind up in debt, if they’re not careful.

Dionne Warwick

Before she passed away, Dionne Warwick was yet another singer that fell into rough times. Warwick’s troubles date back to the 1990s. In 2009, a $2.2 million tax lien was filed against the singer for unpaid taxes dating back to the 1990s. Eventually, it was determined that there was some type of accounting mistake. The IRS ultimately revoked the lien, but the singer still owed roughly $1 million. Now her estate has that problem.


There is a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of Sinbad. This comedian has stared in numerous shows and movies over the years. He has also done a great job of getting himself into trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. It was recently revealed that Sinbad, AKA David Adkins, had filed returns from 1998 to 2006. However, there was a twist to the story. Sinbad never paid the taxes that he owed. As a result, the United States Attorney General ultimately demanded $8.2 million plus interest and other fees from the comedian. Suffice to say, Sinbad has been a very bad boy.

R. Kelly

There is no doubt that R. Kelly has gotten himself into trouble many times over the years. And, it is safe to say that the IRS is probably the smallest of his worries. Nevertheless, R. Kelly did find himself in trouble with the IRS for numerous tax years. It was revealed that the R & B singer owed the IRS roughly $1.4 million for unpaid taxes for 2011. Then, he owed $4.8 million for the years from 2005 to 2010. In total, it was determined that Kelly owed the Internal Revenue Service $6.2 million.

Kelly has also gotten into serious trouble in the legal realm as well. There is a good chance that R. Kelly will never recover from his past mistakes, but anything is possible in Hollywood.


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