Three Tips to Ensure Your Dog is Safe While on a Family Vacation


Taking a dog with you on a family vacation can be a lot of fun, but it is important that you take the time to properly prepare for such an expedition. You need to be sure to take steps to ensure that safety of the dog at all times. The following guide walks you through a few things you may not have considered that can keep your dog safe as you travel on vacation this year.

Get a Great Collar for Your Dog

One of the best things you can do before you take off on your trip is to invest in a great collar for your dog. There are collars at Double U Hunting Supply dog collars that allow you to track the exact location of your dog at all times. If your dog does happen to get away from your family, the GPS tracker on the collar will allow you to determine the exact location of your dog right away. This will ensure that you can find him or her immediately.

It is important to put tags on your dog’s collar, as well though. You should put the dog’s name on the collar as well as your phone number so that if someone finds the dog they can call them by name and call you on the phone. Having someone call the dog by their name can help to calm a lost dog because they feel like they are around someone who knows them or their family.

Walk the Dog on a Leash at All Times

When you travel with a dog, it is important to walk them on a leash at all times. This ensures that the dog cannot run off and that they cannot interact with any other dogs that may be aggressive or unruly.

If your dog does not typically walk on a leash at home, you need to practice with them before you head out on the trip. Walking on a leash can be very overwhelming for a dog at first and practicing leash usage before you go on the trip will make the process easier for you and your dog when it comes time to walk them on the leash.

It is best to invest in a leash that has a two-hand grasping system if you have a large dog. This allows you to have better control of the dog when you walk them and if they start to pull it gives you better leverage to control them.

Use a Restraining Device in the Car

There are many people who let their dogs roam throughout their vehicle when they travel. This is not a good idea though. This can be very distracting to the driver and can be dangerous for the dog. When someone opens the door of the car, many dogs bolt out of the door. This can lead to the dog getting lost or even ran over. Installing a restraining device within the car to keep the dog restrained until you want them to be able to wander is essential.

There are restraints that simply separate the back of an SUV from the front of the SUV and there are also actual harnesses that hook to the seat to restrain the dog. The seat harnesses are often ideal for smaller dogs but do not work great for larger dogs.

When you travel with your dog, it is important to stay with him or her at all times. There are some people who tie their dogs to trees or signs while they are using the restroom at a rest stop. This is not a good idea because there are some people who will take the dog or even let him or her free because they do not feel the dog should be restrained. This could lead to you losing your dog or the dog being badly injured. When you need to use the restroom, put the dog back in the vehicle or have a family member hold the leash until you get back.


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