PlushComfort Ultimate pillow


We all want to sleep well, and few things can help you get better sleep than a comfortable pillow. It’s amazing how many people will invest in a nice bed or bedding and then have a cheap, uncomfortable pillow.

With that in mind, we tried out the PlushComfort Ultimate pillow from Sleep Number. They’re know for adjustable beds, and now they have an adjustable pillow as well. The features three removable inserts for individualized support and adjustable pillow height as sleep needs change over time. We tried it out and it’s very comfortable. The three inserts are easy to remove or add back to the pillow. On the first night we tried it with all three inserts. It was great but maybe a bit too big, so we went down to two inserts the next night and found it to be perfect.

The PlushComfort Ultimate pillow has a three-sided zip to easily change out inserts, and is great for all sleeping positions – 1-2 inserts for stomach sleepers and 2-3 inserts for back or side sleepers. This down-alternative pillow offers microfiber fill to mimic the softness of premium down, combined with a smooth, brushed cotton cover for plush comfort and support.

So check this out if you want to improve your sleep, or consider it for someone on your gift list this holiday season!


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