How To Keep Yourself Entertained Over The Weekend


There’s nothing better when Friday afternoon approaches and you know you have the entire weekend ahead of you. When you don’t have any obligations to attend to, it leaves you plenty of time to mix in a variety of activities.

Sometimes it can be hard to think of ideas on the spot, so that’s why you need to always have a list of possibilities at your fingertips. The last scenario you want is to waste a perfectly good weekend. Look at your calendar and plan ahead, so you know when you’ll have the opportunity to do what you please. See how to keep yourself entertained over the weekend.


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Head Outdoors

If you get fatigued by staring at your screens, it’s a good idea to go outside and get some fresh air. Go to the dog park, take a run, bike or simply sit in your backyard and take a nap under the sun. There are many possibilities for you to take advantage of outside. Enjoy being in nature and the benefits of allowing your mind to clear. Breaking a sweat will make you feel good and lift your mood. It’s always beneficial to get in your exercise on the weekends when you’re too busy to do so during the week.

Family & Friends

Call up your friends to hang out or plan a family dinner. Be with others over the weekend and spend time connecting with the people you love. Life is busy during the week and there’s not always an opportunity to experience quality time together. Participate in an activity outside of the home, go to a coffee shop or relax inside in your comfortable clothing. Put your devices down, catch up and be grateful for the chance to connect with others.

Alone Time or Self-Care

You’re likely over scheduled during the week, and don’t spend too much time focused on you. That’s why you should take advantage of the extra time on the weekends. Practice self-care activities and enjoy being alone. Take a hot shower, paint your nails or read a book and drink tea. Do whatever makes you happy and feel alive. It’s a chance to kick back and take care of you for once.


Weekends don’t have to be a crazy time. Plan ahead and decide what you’re going to do before it arrives so you stick to it. This is how to keep yourself entertained over the weekend.


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