Popular Modern-Day Guy Hobbies


People in the past had a lot more work to do, both at their jobs and at home, leaving them with much less time for leisure activities. Of course, some of them would manage to combine their love of fishing with the practice of getting something for today’s lunch, but the choices are far less limiting when trying to synch your obligations with your passions.

Nowadays, tech inventions aid men in all professional spheres, starting from agriculture work, through marketing, all the way to rocket science. This leaves you with much more free time on your hands and a fairly unlimited selection of hobbies to choose from. If you cannot decide what to take up, you could try what everyone else seems to be doing. These are the currently popular hobbies for modern-day guys – maybe some of them will spark your interest.


This is perfect for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast who likes to keep things active, but without putting too much effort. There are many online stores which offer a complete hardware kit, although you should also consider what you would like to make and get the ingredients for the liquor as well. There has been growing interest for homebrewing practices as guys try to revoke some of their handymen habits.


Another attempt of the modern-day man to return to its olden techniques has established woodworking as a hobby. There is no harm in being crafty with wood – it means you won’t need to go through stores just to pick up a lamp table, and you can make something as a personal gift for that special someone. When the hobby involves learning a new skill, the benefits are bound to be numerous.

Playing Card Games

In the style of past century card magicians, men are turning back to the old games as they try to develop some skills that will put them ahead of the rest. While the first two hobbies completely take you back to the past, card games allow men to enjoy all the advantages of the present. You can learn techniques, practice your bluffs, or even try challenging some unknown players on the online casino sites before facing your friends for a Tuesday night of poker.

Horology/ Watchmaking

This has remained a rare and much-needed craft since the first signs of mass industrialization. Men tend to dominate in this profession, but there has been an apparent slack in interest. Even though many have attempted to revive this craft by taking up horology, the tendency is more widely recognized as a hobby rather than a career opportunity, although it can serve you as both.


If you were looking for a pastime where you wouldn’t have to learn something beforehand, collecting might just be your thing. Autographs, stamps, old coins or even pins – you can collect whatever you choose. It is best to choose something you like or value and you’ll see, you will start learning and researching information about it before you know it.


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