Effective Email Marketing Strategies and Tactics


Many people thought the rise of social media marketing meant certain death to email marketing. Far from it, studies still show that email marketing remains the most effective tool to convert new customers. Currently, in excess of 205 billion emails are sent every day and the number is increasing.

With consumers receiving hundreds of emails daily, the need to stand out has never been greater. Here are email marketing strategies that you can use to market your products and increase your revenue.

Use an email validation system

Are you sure whether all email addresses on your list valid? There is a real possibility that your emails are bouncing because a number of email addresses on your list are not valid. The problem does not stop there; email bounce rate has an adverse effect on the reputation of the sender. You could be flagged down as a potential spammer.

That is why you need an email list verification system. The software verifies if an email address is valid and deliverable or not thereby keeping the bouncing rate to a minimum. This results in higher revenue because both your open rate and conversion rate goes up.

Send your emails at night and during weekends

With billions of emails sent daily, you do not want your email to be lost in a sea of emails. Therefore, the best time of day to send an email is when it is most likely to be seen. This time is between 8 pm and midnight. Why? The least number of emails are sent during this window. Therefore, an email received between 8 pm and midnight stands a better chance of being noticed.

Moreover, the volume of emails sent over the weekend is the lowest and emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays also stand a better chance of evoking a response.

Use responsive email design

How does your email look on a mobile phone? Nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile phone. Imagine the percentage of revenue from email marketing you could be missing from if your emails do not look good on phone. A responsive email design is flexible and controls the layout of an email ensuring that the email looks great no matter the device used to open it.

Offer Incentives

Humans are attracted to free things and email readers are no different. You should be prepared to offer your customers incentives if you want to nudge them to open your emails and click on a link or sign up. Common incentives include ebooks, coupons, and discounts. Different people prefer different incentives and the best way to know which one is the most effective is to experiment with your list.

Avoid the “dead-zone” of subject lines

The number of characters in the subject of your emails may seem trivial but they count. Research has shown that email subjects with 60 to 70 characters fall in the dead-zone of subject lengths. That means that emails within that range are the least likely to have an impact on a reader.

The perfect subject line for an email with the best open rate is 49 characters and below. Alternatively, if you want your readers to engage with your content via click-throughs, the perfect subject line is 70 characters and above. Therefore, tailor your subject line to the nature of engagement you intend to have with your recipients.

Email marketing remains an effective marketing tool and has an important part to play in your overall marketing strategy. These strategies will help you reach more people, increase your open rate and your click rate and ultimately help you reach your goals.


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