7 Tips to Sell Your Old Car Quickly


Every potential seller wants to know the secrets to selling a car quickly and how to get the largest transaction price possible. If you’re feeling the urgency related to selling your car, take a look at these seven tips to get your car out of your garage fast.

Get yourself ready

You won’t sell your car if you don’t show it to anyone. Make sure you have availability for people to see and test-drive your car. If you can’t always do it, see if a friend or family member can help.

Figure out how much to ask

Look at your car and compare it with others like it. Check the private party value online – not the retail price you’d expect at a car dealership. Set a competitive price that will create a buzz around your car so people will feel inclined to come see it.

Get your car ready

When you are trying to sell your car quickly, make sure it’s clean. A clean car is an attractive car, so wash and wax it and vacuum the interior. It’s probably not necessary to detail the car unless it is very dirty.

Make sure people know it’s for sale

Maximize daylight and take some good photos of the interior and exterior of your car to post with your online ad. You can utilize free classifieds, or opt to turn to paid sites like Autotrader and eBay. Leave a For Sale sign in your car window when it’s at your home or when you’re at work or running errands. You can even consider making a Facebook post or Tweet about it – social media has power!

Sell it to a junkyard

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling your car or if it’s not in the best condition, consider selling it to a junkyard. Junk cars are still worth money, and a reputable junkyard will pick up the car, pair you a fair amount of money for it, and haul it away. The process is easy and fast. Don’t forget to transfer the title!

Act laid back

When you’re anxious to sell your car, remember that motivation doesn’t have to equal desperation. You don’t have to sell to the first person that shows interest in your car, especially if they offer you a low amount of money. There are plenty of other buyers in the sea.

Try a car dealership

Local dealers always have their eyes open for new inventory. Consider trading your car in. You may not be offered the amount of money you would in a neighborhood sale, but that is the reality you face for the convenience of a quick sale.

If getting rid of your used car is at the forefront of your mind, there are various strategies you can utilize to speed up the process. Consider donation; you can get the car out of your driveway quickly, and the money for the car will appear when you file your taxes. When you donate a car, you will alleviate the hassle of selling it, and have the satisfaction of knowing the car is in the driveway of someone who needs it.


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