Give the Gift of Adrenaline This Holiday Season


No matter what holiday you do or do not celebrate, no matter what ethnic or faith tradition you come from, no matter how much you love or abhor “Last Christmas” by Wham!, there’s probably some part of you that would love to take a ride in a hot air balloon.

That might seem like quite the non sequitur, but stay tuned dear reader and all will become clear. Many holiday, faith, and family traditions involve the giving and receiving of gifts. Most of us can agree that the biggest payoff in giving and receiving gifts usually comes when the gift receivers are little kids. Children have incredible anticipation and excitement for gift getting days, excitement that is rarely replicated in the lives of adults.

Gift giving for adults is tough. In many cases, the adult giftee has the stuff they need for the most part. If they want a thing they can buy it on Amazon. It’s also difficult to ascertain what a person like this would most appreciate, often because we’re not closely involved with their lives.

In times like this it’s best to think outside the box. Stop thinking about what your giftee and your giftee alone would enjoy. Start thinking about stuff that appeals to just about everybody, but which few people actually experience. We’re speaking, of course, about Experience Days.

What Are Experience Days?

Experience days put people in exciting situations they will likely never experience again, and which they probably have never experienced before. Here are some examples of the experience days available to you, one of which your hard-to-buy-for giftee with almost certainly enjoy.

Driving Experiences: Driving experience days let you drive just about anything you can imagine. If your giftee is into monster trucks, they can drive a monster truck. If your giftee loves cars in classic movies, chances are one of those replicas will be available to drive. Driving experience days are versatile. Even young people can have safe, supervised drives, or can simply ride along with a professional. You can race and rumble in so many ways, you should really just check out what’s available.

Hot Air Balloon Rides: You knew we were gonna talk about this one. Hot air balloon rides are truly unlike any other transportation experience that you’ve ever had. There’s almost no one who won’t enjoy this experience. The feeling of exhilaration is complex, because there’s a sense of trepidation, a feeling of security, relaxation, and the excitement of fresh new experience all wrapped up into one. You can buy one for an individual or for a group. This one will be a hit, we can pretty much guarantee it.

– Other experiences include extreme water sports, outdoor adventures like rock climbing, military tank driving, motorcycle driving, even flights. There are more options than can possibly be named here, and many facilities with which to accomplish these experiences.

At the end of the day, the gift of excitement and adrenaline can be the best possible option for an adult giftee. Give it a try the next time you give gifts.


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