Why Satellite TV Still Makes Sense in 2017


Satellite TV may not be making headlines like it was a decade ago, but this doesn’t mean it’s not still the best service for millions of customers around the country. While the media follows stories about new web-based entertainment platforms, satellite TV continues to bring the best TV programming to people’s television sets, without requiring them to buy new hardware to work with web-based content. There are other arguments for satellite options like Dish vs. Directv. We’ll cover some of the best here.

1) No Learning Curve. With so many newer methods of getting the best entertainment into your home, there’s something of a learning curve that some viewers find difficult or impossible. Even when the user figures out the basic functionality, there’s always the lingering worry that they’re not getting everything out of the platform that they might if they understood it better. With satellite TV, all of the setup is done for you, with crews showing up and outfitting your home with everything it needs. All you have to do is hit the couch, mash some buttons on the remote, and all the channels you like are there for you.

2) Versatile Options. Satellite services like Dish allow users to pick their premium content (HBO, Starz, etc.) a la carte, without having to sign up for individual online accounts like one does if they watch TV online. This way you’ll never pay for more than what you want to watch. If you love NFL, Directv has NFL Sunday Pass. If you want to skip commercials during Primetime TV, Dish has the Hopper function which does just that. All built into one system, you can have exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.

3) Foreign Language Programming. Newer options like Dish Latino offer Spanish language programming for growing customer demographic bases. Educational programming, drama, comedy, real crime, news, sports – it’s all here, in the language you speak best.

4) Affordable. We’ve already discussed Dish users’ ability to choose the premium content they want, while paying for nothing else that they wouldn’t use. This is a great way to trim the fat and enjoy a personalized viewing experience all your own. But it’s also an incredible way to save money. If you don’t use premium channels, you don’t pay for them, and your monthly bill will be significantly lower than entertainment options which provide everything for everyone, even if half of the content isn’t desired or watched.

5) Excellent Customer Service. Satellite TV continues to provide the great customer service that made it a household name. Directv is known for its friendliness and hospitality, and Dish gives customers reliable 24/7 support. This is a huge plus to ensure that you never have a gap in service.

Satellite TV continues to be a great home entertainment option in 2017. If you want to switch from cable, you may find that satellite services offer you more for less, with more options available than you would have had a decade ago. Give it a try and you’ll probably like it very much.


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